Tidal login problems

Since 4.8 update I experience Tidal login problems on Superuniti and Mu-so Qb 2. It tells me : Problem contacting Tidal server. I saw it 3 times within 24hs. I solved it 2 times with restarting the router and the Superuniti. But this is not a daily viable solution, especially as the system was very stable before.

Have you logged out of Tidal and then logged in again? That is the advice given many times here in the last few days…

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That, and turn off the router and the main unit, then turn the router back on, wait 15 minutes or so until it has reconnected, then turn the unit

In addition, make sure you have the latest app version, 2.22.1 on Android, 5.22.2 on iOS

Yes, I logged out of Tidal and tried to login again. Than I receive the message, that the Tidal server cannot be reached.

Yes, restarting the router and Superuniti helped yesterday, but I really don’t want to do it several times a day. There must be an underlying problem.

Ok, this time I deactivated the input for 10 minutes, activated it again…and after additional 5 minutes Tidal came back, strange…

If you use iPhone/iPad, I would suggest updating to the latest version of the Naim App (5.22.2) released today, as it has some TIDAL-specific tweaks

I do use Android, app version 2.22.1

Ah, ok - today’s update not relevant then.

After some further testing yesterday it looks to me, that the systems are just dropping Tidal connection for a short while depending, how I use them. I could recover yesterday without rebooting the router or disabling the Tidal input. Switching from multiroom to radio or turning the Tidal app off at the phone helped…

Same here with my UnitiQute & Tidal. Never had a problem before and now with 4.8 all the time problems. Messages on my screen like: “Can’t play, skipped track” and “error, use naim app”.
I am just using the naim app like before. Very annoying!

I found out that switching from Tidal to iRadio and back, sometimes helps to connect properly to Tidal

Are you on an Apple device, and have you updated to version 5.22.2 of the Naim App? Should help

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Yes an Iphone. I was on 5.22.1, now updating to 5.22.2 hoping it solves the problem. Thanks!!!

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