Tidal Master Playback

HI Wondering if anyone else has the same problem. I have recently purchased the Naim ND5 XS2 to work along side my very old Olive system. Works brilliantly except Tidal will not play Master quality to the ND5. Ihave the subscription active and Titad will stream master to other devices, but the moment I connect to the ND5 it reverts to HiFi. In the Name App in Tidal in input setting in Tidal it is only showing Normal High and HiFi, does not show Mater. Its extremely frustrating any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, lots of threads on this. Naim products do not support MQA. However, MQA is now in administration and Tidal are apparently in the process of introducing hi res FLAC as their upper tier. Your streamer will be fine with this.

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If you search for MQA in the search bar, it will bring back several threads regarding this. The good news is that your ND5 XS2 will be fine with Tidal or Qobuz hi res.

Mqa is not supported.

You’ll get hires when tidal start with hires flac and (I assume) Naim push out a firmware change (but might not be needed as hires flac as a format is already supported).

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