Tidal Masters in Naim app

After my Cb in the Kitchen I needed a streamer for my Rega hifi: I went for the NDX2 and very happy with it and it is great to be part of the Naim community. I guess next step will be replacement on the Rega mira3 amp, probably non Naim tube amplifier.

Quick question on the Naim app, I am currently testing the HIFI subscription on Tidal but I have trouble to distinguish between CD and Master quality in the Naim app, it seems always to play Flac 44,1kHz: any help on this.
Txs! Jean-Luc

The Naim players do not support MQA so you’ll get the CD quality FLAC.

I’m far from convinced by MQA simply as it’s another form of DRM and most people’s bandwidth is adequate these days for lossless FLAC etc.

I’m sure MQA offer some benefots, but I found this article interesting:

Hi J-L, you could also try Qobuz, which is now supported on Naim streamers. You have the choice of 16/44 FLAC, or a Hi-Res subscription with mostly 24/96 and some 24/192 material available.

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Yes, if you can trial Qobuz it’s well worth it.

Additionally, take a look at Audirvana and Roon which can partially handle MQA, though appreciate this might not suite your usage.


thanks for the info as I didn’t know that. I understand that Naim does not support MQA for financial reasons (license to be paid?). How is Qobuz different in this, are they using some open source model of HiRes? Difficult to believe that MQA coexists with some open source model?
best regards, Jean-Luc

Qobuz do not use any DRM on their files - the Naim app indicates that streams are in FLAC for CD quality.

I have made many purchases over the past few years and Hi-Res playback of these via streaming is again in FLAC quality (Nova streaming the purchase from Qobuz servers not a NAS).

You don’t have to buy any downloads of course (my annual Sublime plan allows discounts on hi-res purchases for many artists but only CD quality playback of other material, annual Sublime+ is more expensive allowing hi-res streaming and I may change to that now the price is down by £50 in UK, but price cuts to their hi-res monthly tier may make that more attractive to most if it’s rolled out in more countries.)

If you purchase from Qobuz you can download many times and in different formats up to the quality you purchased - so you could get copies of WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC for example if you needed to.

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