Tidal Max not working

Most new releases are in standard CD with a few 96/24. And just a few still in MQA but like 5%. The back catalog ends up being a mix of MQA only, CD, and hires up to 192/24.

So started looking at all the Artist I have favorited in Qobuz to see if Tidal had any additional albums than Qobuz and I have found a few where there are one or two albums on Tidal that are missing from Quboz. But then also see it go the other with Qobuz having an extra album or two. So it’s a draw. This is a big improvement for Qobuz. The hard part is find out if Tidal has entire Artists that are not on Qobuz. It this turns out to be the case I may keep it but as far now, the handful of extra albums not worth it with the additional cost and having worse sound quality for a good amount of albums. If they replaced all MQA, then I’d switch to Tidal.

With Tidal Max you can now select the Tidal Max icon of the track that is playing in the Tidal app and it will tell you the bit rate and sample frequency.
In addition, my streamers display either on the streamer itself or the streamers app will also show bit rate and sample frequency of each track that is playing.
I dont think you need to worry if Tidal are trying to rip anybody off on what you pay for and what you get.
There is now a lot of Hi-Res FLAC albums and tracks on Tidal with more and more continually being added, but I agree still quite a lot of MQA too as you would expect.

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Thanks for the info, that’s good to hear. I’ll have the closer look …

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No issues with my Auralic…

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Oops spoke too soon.

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Roon just released a software update so now supporting Tidal Max. Anything from Naim?

I signed up for Tidal now and will evaluate Qobuz vs Tidal Max. Can run Tidal Max via my Lindemann Bridge II using Tidal connect to my NDS :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Strange is my Tidal apps show Max but the second I start “connect” to my Lindemann bridge it switches to High from Max. The Lindemann app supports Max but seems like a limitation with Tidal Connect and Max. Maybe an update is required to the Lindemann Bridge II too. Have sent Lindemann an email.

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Alright so here is the thing. Lindemann and Naim use Streaming unlimited streaming boards. Naim the 800 and Lindemann 810. The reason why Naim and Lindemann cannot use Tidal Max over connect is due to Streaming unlimited not pushing this over their SDK so Naim, Lindemann and others can update and support it. However Lindemann can stream Max through their own app and so should naim be able to do but I guess they want to wait so it’s Tidal Max both in their app and through Connect.

Quote lindemann on the question on Tidal max support over “connect”.

“Lindemann Audiotechnik
Yes, there are some products that do support this. It depends on the built in streaming platform. Our supplier though, which is also used by other streaming manufacturers, does currently not support this feature.”

I’m starting to wonder, if we will ever get the ability to stream Tidal max on current Naim streamers…


Hmm… things don’t read very promising yet.
It would be great if Naim would shed some light on this. :man_shrugging:


It’s strange that Naim among all companies is as far as I know the only company that cannot communicate on such. I asked Lindemann and got a reply directly about their challenge. I’m sure it’s the same struggle Naim face with Streaming unlimited but why not say something to their community that is waiting. Transparency is not dangerous. Silence is.


Just curious, Is the new Nova PE Tidal Max capable? Although I am considering upgrading to a NC 200 or even NC 300 kit, it’s hard to pull the trigger for these streaming solutions without Tidal Max capability.

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All current Naim streamers use the same streaming board, so the Nova PE will get Tidal Max at the same time as the rest of them.

Thanks for the quick response.

I was just about to add Tidal Max. Any issue with the 333/332 via Roon?

The silence on this issue is very odd. Presumably senior Naim people keep an eye on this forum and can see growing discontent/pleas for information from loyal customers. Either a solution is in preparation or it is techically impossible and so one is not. Which is it? Is there some other, perhaps licensing/legal obstacle?

Does Naim still offer 3 months’ worth of free Tidal subscription when purchasing streamers? That is how I came to Tidal. If so that is now a bit misleading where the best Tidal quality is then not available on the kit purchased: “Try this streaming service even though your purchase cannot cope with the best it has to offer if you like it and decide to subscribe”.

Meanwhile I am now paying £10 p/m extra to Tidal in the hope that I might actually hear the benefit on my existing Naim equipment sometime soon (I upgraded my subscription before reading this thead).

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You can try roon for 14 days for free and see if Tidal Max setting makes any difference. Can just setup on existing Mac or PC. At first I even though Tidal sounded better than Qobuz for same album in same format, but it’s just due to volume levels.

Not sure why Naim is silent on this issue. Did learn their streaming board comes from third party vendor that supplies to many companies. Not sure if they have to depend on this vendor for the update or can be done in house. Believe I read other streamers with same board also haven’t received update.

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I have a ND5 XS2. Just checking, is the issue with the Naim app?

  • Does Tidal Max with Tidal Connect via iPhone or iPad work to Naim streamers?

  • Roon has a beta version working with Tidal Max working

Lumin, Volumio, Auralic, Eversolo, and any BluOS device has it already.

I remember when Naim was working on the Tidal Connect Update many years ago they were pretty good with updates on progress, this does however seem a little on the quiet side.

The hardware naim use in all gen2 and NC streamers (StreamUnlimited NP800 board) doesn’t yet support Tidal Max, a software update is needed.

See @Blackbird post above, Lindemann (using the 810 board) face the same challenge.

Tidal Max works through Lindemanns own app so I guess Naim could implement support through their app. What is not working on Streaming Unlimited boards is Tidal Connect and Max/Hi res. My guess is that naim want the full package to work supporting Max and not just parts of it. To be honest I thought everything worked when Lindemann communicated they now support Tidal max. That was excluding “Connect”. Still no updates from Lindemann on this either. I’ver sent an email to Streaming unlimited too but no reply (not surprised though).

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It would be good if naim could also update their app (ahead of StreamUnlimited Connect support for Max), but I won’t hold my breath :laughing: I mean, many vendors updated last October.