Tidal My Daily Discovery Playlists

I have read a few other Naim owners enjoy the My Daily Discovery Playlists that Tidal provides on their Tidal app as much as I do. I would love to have these daily playlists show up within the Tidal section of My Uniti Star app so I don’t have to stream from the Tidal app to the Naim but rather get them built into the Naim platform.

Currently, when I select Tidal in the Naim app, I am treated to “Playlists” and the option to select “More”. Selecting More provide access to “New” (new arrivals and a host of curated content from Tidal staff or others). There are also options to select “Recommended” and “Exclusive” playlists.

However, what I really want is to see the My Daily Discovery Playlists which are based upon what I listen to most while using the Tidal service. Other than manually saving the Daily Discovery Playlists as one of my own playlists directly in Tidal (which should show up in the Naim “Playlist” section of the Naim app).

Is there a way to have the My Daily Discovery Playlists show up under either the Naim “Playlist” of the Naim app, or under the Tidal Playlist section (e.g. Naim > Tidal > Playlist > Home > “My Daily Playlist” (which would sit near “New”, “Recommended” and “Exclusive”)?


Just FYI, you don’t. With Tidal Connect, the app works just as a remote and instructs the streamer. The streamer fetches the music stream directly

Tidal don’t make the whole of their API readily available in a way that allows third party apps to access these features.
If you use Tidal Connect you will be able to control everything from the Tidal app including the Naim volume control etc. Then you will see the playlists you want.

If, for whatever reason, you want to use the Naim app, as a workaround you could play the Tidal daily mix in the Tidal app, then save it as a regular Tidal playlist which will then be seen by the Naim app. If you had a 1st gen. Naim streamer this would be useful as they don’t support Tidal Connect but your Star does.

We have both a 272 and SuperUniti so must use bubble uPNP to access Tidal Daily Discovery and My Mix 1-8 and send to old naim devices.

Works perfectly, we barely use the naim app now especially since we’ve now got bubble server on NAS so naim devices appear as OpenHome renderers so we can use apps which are feature rich for local music stores.

Tidal’s Daily Discovery is brilliant and one of the key reasons I don’t use Qobuz anymore. I listen to it every day. I see your point but I just use Tidal Connect for the DD. Connect is my 2nd key reason in favour of Tidal over Qobuz btw.

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