Tidal/Naim Issue?

Not sure this is a Naim or Tidal issue (I suspect Naim app or interface issue). On my various Tidal playlists as well as Tidal’s own playlists, I can only play a single song. The system does not move forward onto the next song. My apps are up to date. Any ideas? Hopefully a dumb question with a simple solution…

Typically this is solved by logging out/into Tidal on the Naim app. For me, it has recurred even with the above ‘solution’. Naim tech support have said that Tidal have some intermittent account authentication issues

Thank you for the suggestion. No luck – also, deleted and reloaded the Tidal and Naim aps. I had a similar issue about 2 years ago and updated the software on my Naim streamer which did the trick. Unfortunately, my NDX has since lost it’s display (a problem not uncommon to NDX’s of it’s vintage) which make’s it a bit harder to update that (I control the NDX solely though my iphone app). Will continue to work on it…

Have you raised a ticket with Naim?

Hi @PistolPeter

When Tidal will only play one track, then stop, is the symptom that another device is actively using your account. On Tidal only one device can play at a time, but they do allow the current track to play to the end before blocking further play back.

I would propose:

  1. Change your Tidal password via the Tidal website
  2. On the Naim app logout, then log back into Tidal.
  3. Reattempt the play operation.


Steve Harris
Software Director


There was a fix for Tidal in the last firmware update for NDX etc. It’s 4.7. What it did was fix the problem that the NDX wouldn’t be able to play some Tidal tracks owing to a change at the Tidal end.

You can do a firmware update on an NDX without the screen working, although you should really do a factory reset after a firmware change, but that is not usually actually essential.



Thank you everyone. I suspect the issue may be the multiple device point suggested by Stevesky. The problem arose after returning from vacation at our house in Canada. Off to work now, but will try to resolve this later today. Again, thank you!

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