Tidal new Hires files = heaven

Good morning,
Just a word to express the satisfaction that Tidal’s new Hires resolution has been bringing for the past few days here.
The SQ improvement is phenomenal at my level.
What happiness…

Have you also noticed this change and this feeling?


What playback system do you have that is already capable of playing tidal hires flac?

272 can play the new HiRes Flac on Tidal but there are only limited tunes. I found two on day one; Diamond Life by Sade and Mahler 6 by Jonathan Nott and Bamberg Symphony Orchestra - both did demonstrate great SQ.
Apparently once you have opted for the HiRes Flac level, if there is one then it is automatically selected, if not it looks for MQA which imho is slightly less impressive and then standard Res.

ND5 XS2.
Before this Tidal hires change I could select on the Tidal mobile app ´if my memory serves me correctly´
‘the best’ was:
hi-fi: 16 bit - 44.1 or 96 kHz
and now 24 bit - 192 khz.

I’m no expert but the sampling rate has practically doubled!

For my part, I selected the new rate ´hires 24 bit 196 khz’ in the source application of Tidal hires.
I played my old Tidal playlist and all the pieces are much improved (frequencies, space etc…).
All parts are upgraded on my side.

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MB - pleased that you are happy with the new Hi Res as am I. Are the playlists you refer to your own or are they Tidal made? The latter may have been converted to the new 24 bit. It is a pity that there does not seem to be confirmation of what you are actually listening to once you have selected the Hi Res Option. Still new of course but the Tidal website does suggest a range of different stream SQ’s are available on the higher monthly subscription rate, so I do not think that everything is at 24 bit and my ears seem to confirm

Yes my playlists were made from the Tidal app (originally).
I hear a good difference in SQ on my side on all the pieces played (differently).

I think you think there are certain records that are Hires on Tidal.
Could it be that Tidal’s Hires broadcast improves the sample rate across all albums?
I think so IMHO

I should have added that I access Tidal via IOS hardwired with an Apple IPAD


This is very good news, if 272 can, also NDS, ndx and nd5xs should play hi res tidal files

Indeed, if these really are 24 bit files it’s great news for users of 1st gen streamers. I can only guess that Tidal must have made big changes to their servers to make this work reliably. That’s assuming they’re not doing what they always did with MQAs, and automatically sending a 16/44.1 stream instead.

Now we are talking. :grinning:

But not currently via Tidal Connect apparently

Well I don’t know about “heaven” but I upgraded to top tier Tidal to give this a go on my 272 and other devices.

I can’t be asolutely sure, as neither the screen or app provide definitive details, but I’m getting FLAC 44.1kHz and usually somewhere in the 700-1000kb/s range. I think this probably indicates a higher bitrate?

According to the Tidal website it is with the subscription to ´Tidal-plus’ that it seems possible to have access to the hires which is named ‘max’.
The Tidal hi-fi (standard) subscription would not provide access to the hires sample rate.

Yes. What i did, upgraded to the highest tier.

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As an NDX owner this is very interesting because I was under the impression from Naim that the 1st gen streamers couldn’t actually play 24/192 reliably from Tidal…

How did you select the hi-res stream out of interest in Tidal?


Likewise. The streaming board can obviously handle higher res from local servers, etc, without problem.

I can’t use the Tidal app directly with the 272.

Under input settings/Tidal the highest tier is selected. In the Naim app it’s “HiFi” but I imagine the text is a legacy of the app and doesn’t reflect anything directly from Tidal.

Am still not 100% convinced it’s working, will need a bit more experimentation.

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Right, quick test changing the Tidal input quality setting (in the Naim app) running files that are labelled as MAX (hi-res or the old MASTER) in the Tidal app.

Normal = 96kbs
High = 320kbs
High = various depending on the track but would indicate to me 16bit, 14.4kHz FLAC lossless and NOT a high resolution version.

Would welcome someone else confirming.

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I checked out Diamond Life by Sade as this was reported to be Hi-Res FLAC.
On my android phone and tablet it shows it as a “Max” Album but when playing via Tidal Connect to my Lumin P1 streamer it plays it in MQA. My phone and tablet does not show what type of file is playing.
Same using Tidal via the Lumin App the album is shown and played as MQA.
This is consistant with what Tidal has advised that the roll out of Hi-Res FLAC to other services will come later in the year.

Cheers Moon.

Just checking you understand that these older Naim streamers do not support Tidal Connect and that access to Tidal is via the Naim app.