Tidal not showing on Atom but showing on Naim App

Hi guys, I just signed up for Tidal and saw the threads about needing to update the Atom. It says it is updated to latest firmware. Do I need to then download to a usb stick and insert to get the tidal software update?

I can see and play Tidal on my phone but I can’t get Tidal to see the Atom. Also the Atom will not show the Tidal app and I have it enabled. Very strange. I do not have or use chromecast and it is not enabled on the Atom in case that is part of the issue.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Use the Naim app to log in to Tidal to use the native integration with the Atom. If you want to use the Tidal app on your phone you’ll need to enable Chromecast or Airplay on the Atom until Tidal Connect comes along

Thanks I thought Naim announced Tidal is now integrated into the software update and that was last year. There is an update on the Naim site but do I have to manually do it? Won’t the update on the app update the Atom?

Sorry I am also logged into Tidal on the Naim app

You don’t need to do anything with your Atom if the firmware is up to date. Just log on to Tidal on the Naim app on your phone and stream away.

Thanks so the Tidal icon is only showing on the Naim App on Iphone. When I select a song to play I only have the options for Airplay and bluetooth. There is no ability of Tidal App to see the Atom. The Tidal App icon doesn’t show up on the Atom on the Naim App on my iphone. Very strange.

Sorry the Tidal app is not showing up on the Atom. Spotify is there but no Tidal App. Very confusing

In the Naim app go to Settings then Input settings then Tidal and make sure the input is enabled

Yes it is enabled and logged into my account. But only showing on the naim ipone app. Not on the Atom. I clicked include it in my favorites also and put it at the top. Still not showing. Atom said firmware up to date. Very confusing

The only way Tidal plays is to go to Tidal from the Naim App and play from there. I can’t open the tidal app and select a song and select the Atom. Maybe this is how it is supposed to work but I thought the tidal icon would show up on the Atom as an input and it is not.

I think there’s some confusion here. If you’re not using Chromecast (or AirPlay, or Bluetooth, or Roon!), the only way to use TIDAL at the moment is via the Naim App. And it’ll sound best that way, too!

A future firmware upgrade (due this summer) for your Atom will enable TIDAL Connect, allowing you to stream direct from the TIDAL App to your Atom.

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Thank you!!! Yes that is exactly the confusion. I was just about to fix the issue by deleting Tidal! The announcement in Naim Connection “Say hello to Tidal” had me thinking it was a done deal so thank you for that

As Claire had explained that’s how it supposed to work. In the meantime if you enable Chromecast you can send from the Tidal app to the Atom. In my case it is showing a ND5 XS 2 but you should see your Atom

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You cannot select Tidal from the Atom front panel or the remote.

In the Naim app, select the Tidal icon in the Main Screen and browse - or even better: just search for anything and the Tidal hits will show next to any local media search hits.

If you use the Tidal app, you need to Chromecast/AirPlay, as per above.
No way to „send“ music from Tidal app to Naim app or some such.

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Thank you all for helping a confused getting old guy!

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