Tidal not working through Naim App

David, it only affects earlier products using that particular streaming engine. Current platform products are unaffected.

It appears that Tidal seem to have changed something with the log-in that stops the earlier platform from working properly. Steve H said he was trying to contact Tidal engineering last night to let let them know.


Same problem: TIDAL stopped working on my SuperUnity.

Same here. Tidal dead (sweden). 272 V4.6
Spotify, iRadio etc works but Tidal shows ERROR, Can’t play.

My 272 isn’t playing TIDAL either - hope it’s sorted soon - back to ripped CDs and vinyl for me!

Same here. Listened to several cd’s since a long time. Back to the old days :grin:

Hi there, Just to top up what @Richard.Dane has said, It would appear that a recent and unannounced Tidal API update has created connection issues for certain older Naim products. I appreciate how frustrating this is but currently a fix is out of our hands I’m afraid. We’re pursuing Tidal to get them to take some remedial action as soon as possible.


Are there legal agreements in that Tidal and such cannot make modifications rendering a Naim product feature unusable when you made Tidal part of a product when selling it? I mean, can we potentially lose Tidal if they don’t want to fix this and Naim cannot release an update solving it on their side?

Tidal went on my 272 too last night.

I just revert to my MConnectHD app on the iPad (via upnp), which if anything sounds a tad better anyway, but is a bit more clunky to use.

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Same problem Uniti 2. My worry is that whilst a great system is it will become out of date due to streaming upgrades and for no other reason!

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It appears I’m not alone in playback issues with Tidal. Look forward to future updates on the problem.

A point I have made on the 272 thread (though I love my 272) only to get a couple of zingy replies. Not relating to 272 only, but directed at all streaming tech. Redundant and unusable software is a great way to get you to replace hardware…

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Still not working for me either !

A few weeks ago a message popped up on my Squeezebox Touch, advising in the near future the SBT Tidal authenification (???) would no longer work. When it stopped working I was advised to log out of Tidal in the Logitech server and log back in again using the Logitech server.

Sorted in a few minutes.

Maybe a similar thing has happened to Naim equipment.

Maybe a similar solution?

Hoping this well help.
Screenshot from 2020-10-10 10-33-52

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Oh wow, and there was me, deleting and reinstalling the app, resetting, unplugging and restarting everything insight!

My SuperUniti stopped working with Tidal yesterday 9 Oct, it is on ver.4.6

I doubt it Mark.
See my post 21 above for a quick fix/alt way to get Tidal and Qobuz.

Yes my work around is to use bubbleupnp which is installed on my NAS and use the Linn Kazoo app.

The iPod style volume control is nice too!

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Thanks JimDog that’s a useful alternative!

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Tidal plays on my iPhone and iRadio streams on my Mu-So QB, 1st generation, but the Naim app cannot connect to Tidal.

The problem began in the late afternoon, ca. 1700 ( CET, Norway) on Friday, 09 Oct.