Tidal not working

Tidal itself is perfectly OK. When I try to stream using the NAIM app from Tidal, nothing happens.

Had a few weeks now of intermittent cut-outs. Now - nothing at all.

Anybody else getting this?

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Hi @MikeD, thanks for the report - we are looking into this.

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Wow. On the ball there, Will!

Appreciate it. :grinning:

I have the same problem this morning. Was working fine yesterday. Never had this problem before.
Thanks for your quick reaction.

Same here, so annoying.

No problems here in Canada, Naim app for Android to NDX via Tidal Hifi.

Update: Tidal hifi has stopped working with the Naim app. Played 3 songs, then ended. I can’t get any other album to start. I see “Can’t play skipped track” on the NDX screen.

Thanks for the reports and sorry for the inconvenience - we are in contact with Tidal about this now.

To keep the music flowing in the meantime, you can use Tidal from their native app through your Naim system, via Airplay / Chromecast if available on your system, or Bluetooth from a mobile device.

Thanks @MikeD - I hope you don’t mind, I altered the thread title to make it easier for others to find if they are experiencing the same issue.


I usually use BubbleUpnp server as a proxy/transcode to WAV to the NDX, that is not working either. The Tidal app itself is working to Chromecast Audio.


Tidal appears to be live again - working here across all Naim platforms!


Works fine! Thank you Naim for light-speed reaction! Love you!

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I am a little late in the day coming on the forum today but I’m pleased to hear it wasn’t just me - I was about to post that I was having issues too :slight_smile:

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For about a week now I have experienced problems streaming Tidal HIFi via Naim app. Music randomly stops. My Uniti ( firmware 4.7 ) display shows “ Stopped. Press play to start”. It then reverts to the very beginning of the album or playlist. At the moment it’s unusable.

IPad, iPhone and Naim App software all up to date. WiFi 73 mbps. When I switch to AAC 320 Kbps music plays continuously. Only way to listen to HIFI streaming is streaming via Chromecast. No problems with Tidal streaming to Sonos.
I’m not pointing fingers but it’s pretty disappointing that these issues with Tidal HIFi streaming have existed on and off for years. About time we had some permanent solutions rather than Band Aid remedies.

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