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Is there an instruction manual for using Tidal within the Focal-Naim controller app (on iphone)? Specifically, I want to create playlists of my own. Currently, all I see is “Playlists” (presumably Tidal-curated), and “More”, which leads to still more Tidal-curated playlists.

Welcome, short answer, nothing available. use the Tidal app on iPhone or pc/laptop, create your playlist there. When you look in the Naim app, after signing into Tidal, your playlists will be shown. IIRC in the Naim app you can’t change the sort order of playlists by title, so experiment for your own needs and I think you will find the last playlist created appears first. There is also the option of favourites. I would be more specific but earlier I reactivated my Tidal sub and I have yet to use it again. What appears in the Naim app in Tidal section, is both your playlist and those offered by Tidal. Again iirc, best to have no more than 500 tracks per playlist. Enjoy!
ps you can also try a search here on the forum for Tidal playlists - likely a few threads.

You actually can create playlists inside Naim app.

Select the item you want to include in your playlist by tapping first the three dots (…) on the right side

and then choose the option New playlist or any of your existing ones.

However, the process might be easier in the native Tidal app.

You may find it easier to create playlists within the Tidal app. You will then able to find and play them from the Naim app.

Thanks, sound-hound, osprey and ChrisSU, this is helpful. Within the Tidal app, I am having trouble even seeing the playlist I’ve now created. Clicking the little “person” icon at bottom right of iPhone screen momentarily reveals a set of options (Mixes & Radio, Playlists, etc.) that then gets immediately covered by “Introducing Profiles.” I’m not sure I want to create a “Profile” since it seems to make my playlists and maybe other information public to the world. But closing that window sends me back to “My Activity” screen. Does that make sense? Is there a way around this? What does a “Profile” collect and make public?

You can’t be too careful. I bet a loads of people would be very interested and pay a lot of money to know what’s on your playlist.


Davidhendon: I asked what information a “Profile” collects and makes public. If the answer is “only playlists,” then just say so.

I no longer use Tidal, but with Qobuz you can choose whether a playlist is public or private. I’d be surprised if Tidal didn’t offer these options too.

The playlists are created as private ones. They need to be published in order to be public.

The profile picture (if you choose the load one) and name will be public though. The name can be freely chosen (i.e. not tied to the account in any way).

As excellent as the Naim equipment obviously is, the words ‘Naim’ and ‘Instruction manual’ are never to be seen in the same sentence sadly, unlike most other peoples products!

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Thanks so much, osprey and ChrisSU. I went ahead and set up the Profile and, just as you said, it allows me to un-check the default “make public” box, and doesn’t seem to be sharing other information with other apps. Nickd, I’m coming to understand how true your comment is! Thanks again.


While there is on line help, of sorts, I have yet to see, unless I have missed it, an instruction book for the likes of iPhone, iPad or indeed all the way back to iPod, provided by Apple. Imho no easier to operate than a Naim streamer. While I have several pieces of kit from the likes of A&K and Oppo, that do come with some form of instruction manual, I am not sure Naim should be singled out as the only tech company, where an absence of manuals caused some angst! Fair enough, this is the Naim forum.

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I’m sure there are others young man! But Naim is the only maker of HiFi pieces as such that I have ever come across, of all the kit that I have ever bought that don’t provide such assistance, imagine if you were completely new to the experience, of owning Naim kit and had to sit for hours on t’internet looking for this, that and the other setting or process, Yamaha, Marantz etc, etc that I have bought from over the yesrs (to name but two) and these and others have always provided a manual. The online Naim vids only cover a fraction of what you might need, and then only in basic detail, just saying!!

A general disease not providing full manuals. I can live with on line manuals for as far they are complete. F.e. the on line manual with video images of my car contains 56 pages while the paper one has more than 460 pages. Something wrong with that, surely when essential information is missing on line.

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Naim does provide proper user manuals for the New Classic units. But you have to download them and print if you want. For something with such a large software/firmware component, this is probably the best way of keeping things up to date though imho.

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