Tidal or network issue

I have a NAC 272 running on te latest software.
Using a iPhone 13 running on iOS 16.

After some IP address issues (app not recognising the Nac 272 I set it on a fixed, wich solved the problem of getting the network kicked out every other day.

As of today I can play via upnp but when trying Tidal I get the following screen on the iPhone:

Translated it says: track skipped, no music playing.

And the following screen on te streamer:

Wich translates in: Fault, use Naim app.

Any one ideas?

Ps: also internet radio is out.
Can play Tidal via its own app on iPad and MacBook so there is connection to the www

Hi, the first thing I would try is to sign out of Tidal in the Naim app (assuming you have previous signed in), then restart your router, streamer and phone, then sign back in and see if it works.
If you have any ‘special characters’ in your Tidal password try changing it.

Thanks for the reply.
Switched back again to DHCP, looks like it is working again. Fingers crossed it won’t time out again in 2 days. :grimacing:

Dank voor de reactie, ik zal kijken of ik in de instellingen van de router kan komen. (Zal niet via de app gaan)

Ps. Heel toevallig te vinden op Alpha-Audio?

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