TIDAL Playlist Folders

Just had an email from Tidal saying that playlists can now be grouped into folders. Anyone know how this will work under the Naim app? (I could just give it a go, I know, but thought I’d check here first.)

It seems unfortunately that it does not work with Naim app. I tried to create folders in Tidal app and that works but the result was not visible in Naim app. This feature was available for Albums already earlier but with the same result. Mixes & Radio favourites are not transferred to Naim app either.

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Naim uses the external programming interface provided by Tidal. Tidal itself most likely uses a different, internal one, which most likely has more capabilities than what they make public.

Just because a feature becomes available in the Tidal app does not necessarily mean that it is available for clients of the external Tidal interface, and even if it is it will require additional programming effort on the client side (i.e., Naim app).

According to the first post, Tidal announced the feature seven hours ago. Even if it exists in the external interface, I believe Naim will need a bit more time to implement and test it!

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