TIDAL Playlists disappearing

I use the browser on my PC to connect to TIDAL and to manage my account and create my playlists. I listen to TIDAL via Focal/Naim app on my iPhone. Recently, one of my playlists disappeared from TIDAL but is still visible and playable on my iPhone. I have contacted TIDAL, they have confirmed my Playlist is visible at their end, they suggested I reinstall Focal/Naim app and clear cache on browser which I have done, still missing playlist. Anyone else?

don’t know if relevant but there seems to be a limit of 500 playlists in the naim app (at least for qobuz) the app shows the oldest 500 so any playlists above that will be missing - deleting some older playlists solves the problem in the short term. naim are looking into it but no promise of a fix

Thx, makes sense for a limit, I am only at 12 though so not sure that’s it, exploring what the number of tracks per playlist is and wondering if you exceed that number if that might get your playlist “disappeared”

There is a 500 track limit on playlists in the Naim app, regardless of origin. In my experience if you try to load more it just stops at 500 and plays those, although I haven’t tried a longer list directly from Qobuz.
As for trying to store more than 500 playlists in Qobuz, it might take me a while before I accumulate that many, so I’ll let someone else figure that one out!

@ChrisSU is correct the app simply takes the first 500 tracks and ignores the rest - no problem in app when streaming long qobuz playlists. have you used any special characters in playlist name?

No, not worded any differently than other playlists. Which app are you referring to, a TIDAL or Focal/Naim? Good news is that TIDAL has now referred issue to their tech support to resolve so hopefully some more information soon which I will post. Thank you

I have a similar problem. I have around 60 playlists in Tidal. In the Naim/Focal app around 6 of them are no longer visible. Can anyone from Naim confirm that there is a limit of 500 tracks available from Tidal playlists? (I suppose I could try and count the tracks I have in tidal playlists, but life is just too short!). I’m going to try deleting a few playlist in Tidal and see if that makes the missing ones disappear. Will report back.

Well, I’ve pruned a few playlists from Tidal and the missing playlists have come back to the Naim app. So I guess there is a limit of some kind in the Naim app.

Interesting, my missing playlist is only on the TIDAL website, it is still visible on the Focal/Naim app. Will see what TIDAL tells me now they have confirmed their tech review of the issue.

I have the same/similar issue. I can see my playlists on the Naim/Tidal app, but no longer on the Tidal app. Yet the Tidal app will let me add tracks onto the otherwise-invisible playlists!
So I’ll be interested in seeing the solution.

Good news on my missing TIDAL playlist, they were able to restore and now all playlists are visible across all devices. I have asked TIDAL what happened and if there is anything to prevent future occurrences but so far, no response.

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