Tidal problem - nd5xs2

Nd5xs2 - since the last update of the Tidal application (android) , I have a problem with playing tidal via chromecast. The tidal app sees the room but doesn’t play. Does this also occur with you?

Have you tried using Tidal Connect rather than Chromecast?

Yes, Tidal connect works, but I prefer Tidal chromecast. I also have google chromecast and has no connection problem.

Did you enable the chromecast in the naim app?
Chromecast might not be seen when there is not enough battery level or vpn is running.

Yes, I turned it on, it always worked before, the problems are from the last update of the Tidal application in August ver. 2.66 for android

I will add that after reinstalling the Tidal application, it works one day, then it stops working.

After updating the Tidal application (ver. 2.67 android) the problem is eliminated.

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