Tidal problem only this album

I have problems with songs 3, 4 and 5 on this album. jump, does it happen to you too?

@anon35986639: Yes - I can replicate your problem (on tracks 3 & 4 but not on track 5).

I have reported a similar problem 5 or 6 hours ago on the Roon Website with an album by Stephen Inglis (ironically and by coincidence) playing Grateful Dead covers. A number of people have added other albums to my post with similar issues.

The problem appears to have just occurred today, because the Stephen Inglis album has played perfectly before today. Roon has replied to my post to confirm that they can replicate my problem so they should hopefully look into it pretty quickly.

I’ll add your album details to my post on the Roon Community website.

I should have asked. Are you streaming Tidal via Roon or just playing via the Tidal or Naim apps, because the problems I have experienced only occur when playing via Roon?

Whether it is related or not, but I can’t find an album on TIDAL that will play more than the first 01:42 of Led Zep IV’s Stairway to Heaven. Most strange…

NB: Playing on a Nova Star controlled by an iPad (TIDAL within Naim app)

So it looks like it might be a Tidal problem rather than just a problem with Tidal via Roon if you are experiencing the problems whilst streaming Tidal via the Naim app.

Hi @anon35986639
Track 3 does indead jump within seconds

I can replicate your problem exactly streaming the 16bit version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on Tidal via Roon, but the MQA versions on Tidal (which you may not be able to see via the Naim app) play all the way through via Roon.

Looks like the problems probably lie at the Tidal rather than Naim or Roon end.

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I’m unable to play any track on my ND5XS, upon hitting play it immediately stops.

Yes, I can replicate that at 1.42 and using neither roon nor Naim app

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I have reported my problem to Roon and they have replicated it, so hopefully they will b ein toch with Tidal to sort it out at the Roon end.

Perhaps someone from Naim support can do the same?

I have sent a support message to TIDAL re: Stairway to Heaven.

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Hi, sorry for the delay in my reply, yes, I use Tidal from the Naim app

I can’t play any songs either. Running nac272.

Tried to switch to ‘high’ quality which other forum members suggest. Worked for a bit but kept dropping off after a min or 2 into a song.

Frustrating given that I’ve only purchase the nac272 3 weeks ago.

Nac 272 Firmware running on 4.7.00. Checked naim site and latest given on support is 4.6. So I’m not entirely sure how to go about this.

Would be of great help if Naim admin have something to say.

I have also just sent a support message to Naim re: the Stairway to Heaven issue I referred to above. Will see what they say.

But it’s strange. Stairway to heaven the first time it freezes! If you launch it a second time in a row you listen to it all!

I was listening to Physical Graffiti this morning, and tracks kept on freezing and then the next track plays. Very irritating to put it mildly. This on a Star with the Naim app / Tidal.

The problem appears to have been fixed by Roon/Tidal in respect of Roon’s integrated Tidal streaming service. Hopefully, it will also have been resolved for the Naim app streaming Tidal.

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