TIDAL problems

I have a TIDAL family account that I share with a Inuuos user friend. Sunday he reported lack of service, after reboots and a couple of hours later the problem was solved, he already had a long story with traces to tell Inuuos, but no need for it.
I din´t notice nothing, but today my NAIM android app didn´t even recognised the units, I had to reboot everything to have TIDAL working in both my NDX2 and Qute2, with fixed IP´s.
But now I still have no search capability on the app.
Anyone experienced problems this last days with TIDAL and Android app ?
Thks in advance

How many users does your Tidal account allow? If you try to use it on more devices that it allows it won’t work.

Perhaps they have detected your are breaching the T and Cs for the Family account. :wink:

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