Tidal purchases and downloads

Not only do Tidal make the availability of files to purchase pretty hard to find, it’s unclear what resolution you’ll get if you opt for FLAC rather than MP3.

There is an album I can’t buy on Qobuz available on Tidal as MP3/FLAC but when you select FLAC it doesn’t say if it’s CD quality only or better or has an MQA component.

Ayyone ever actually bought a Tidal download?

You can select FLAC 16/44 when buying a record on Tidal store. I have some.

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Thanks, I could have sworn the album I was considering could be streamed from my Tidal account in higher than CD quality which is why I wondered - unless it’s no longer showing up in Roon/Audirvana the copy that is available now seems limited to CD quality.

Do they offer higher than CD quality downloads in FLAC? The site just seems rather vague.

No, not higher than 16/44. I rarely buy there, only when the album is not available elsewhere. They have a big catalog.

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Thanks. I’ve been aware of Tidal downloads prior to subscribing a couple of years ago but have never made any purchases as most stuff is on Qobuz.

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I mostly buy on Bandcamp since 2 years. Find generally nothing on Qobuz or elsewhere that interests me. Sometimes Qobuz, but rarely. And it’s very expensive also.

I just had a Bandcamp support reply regarding something I bought in 2011 which is no longer avaialble to download (I’m bound to have a copy or two somewhere). The band apparently removed the content for download but seems to be back on sale.

My broader query was in relation to being unable to log in with my email which went unanswered. I’m not sure if I had a ‘usernname’ or signed in via e-mail but have had to request they look at this again as I want to resurrect my old ‘account’ as I suspect I made other purchases around that time but can’t remember what!

Open a new account, it will be surely easier.

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Sure, unless there are older purchases I could still download.

I have enough email addresses for 2 accounts either way.

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