Tidal/Qobuz playback problems and Atom disappears from app

Hello all,

Unfortunately, I have the same problems in connection with Tidal/Qobuz as have already been discussed here in various, now closed, topics.

When streaming from Tidal and/or Qobuz, the playback stops after some time, sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes after an hour of playback, it is without any pattern.

The bigger problem, however, is that my Atom is then no longer accessible from the Naim App. Even on the Atom itself, I can’t start a stream, even if it’s web radio. Only after a cold start does the Atom work again as usual and is accessible via the app.

I have not yet been able to observe this problem when playing radio streams or from a USB device.

What I have already done after researching several threads here.

  • Reset the Atom
  • Change from DHCP to static IP for the Atom (Wifi)

What I could observe when the IP was still set to DHCP on the Atom is that the IP address was then displayed as on the device menu itself in the case of an error. So it was reasonable for me that it was no longer visible via the app.

The Atom’s firmware is up to date, also the Naim App on my Android smartphone.

Many thanks for any advice or tips!

Have a nice holiday and a happy new year!

Try to switch off the router and on, wait, switch off the Atom then on, and install the app again.

Plus you shouldn’t need to assign a static ip, dhcp is fine. Do you have the option of using wired Ethernet even if temporarily, to see if these issues go away?

I got more or less the same problem. Atom connection via ethernet, works fine. But often losing connection between the app and the Atom. Sometimes playlist is gone, won’t continue to play or I have to start the app again. Sometimes more than 2 times.
I think it’s the new updates from my iPhone and iPad. Not the Atom. No wifi problems. Maybe it’s the same with you.

Hello all,

thank you very much for your feedback so far!

I have already changed the router - for other reasons.
So I would want to exclude this as the cause of the error.
I have reinstalled the app several times and could test the access from my daughter’s iPad. But I think it’s more a problem with the Atom itself. Because if the error occurs, it is no longer possible to start a stream on the Atom itself. All playlists are gone and no radio stations to select.

What I noticed yesterday after the last time is that the Atom’s configuration Wi-Fi is active in standby after the error occurs.
After a cold start, everything works again, including the configured Wi-Fi.

I’ll have to see if I can find a long enough Ethernet cable and test it that way, but I don’t see it as a solution.

I may have found the cause of my problem → Wi-Fi Band Steering of my Router

The Wi-Fi module of the Atom does not seem to cope well with this.

I got the suspicion yesterday by chance, when even a radio stream was stopped and the Atom was no longer accessible, when I closed the door to my study, wanted to run the stream times several hours to see if it really only affects Tidal/Qobuz streams.

In the log of the router I could then clearly see that the router just at that moment changed the frequency band from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz.

I deactivated the 5Ghz band and have had no problems since then. Am confident because it now suddenly all makes sense in the aftermath. :slight_smile:

Another wi-fi problem !!!

Virgin Media are also introducing Smart wi-fi and wi-fi band steering so users should be aware.

Go wired and avoid this and other wi-fi problems.
You know it makes sense.

I agree with you, of course, because Wi-Fi has its quirks. But in many cases, cabling is not possible and Wi-Fi is the only option. In my case, the Atom is actually the first device that doesn’t get along with band steering. I’m just glad that I could finally get rid of this annoying problem and that it’s not a hardware defect of the Atom itself, because I love this thing.


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