Tidal seem to have fallen out with a record label

A significant proportion of the tidal tracks on my Naim app are now greyed out. Tidal notes that that record label will not allow me to play that soung.
This effects some tracks by John Zorn Miles Davis Buddy Rich Oscar Peterson Bill Laswell etc.
Hopefully just more brinksmanship…

This will forever be the issues of streaming service, the music you love might not be there the next day.


If I like it enough I buy it. My CDs, LPs and digital downloads cannot be greyed out. :blush:


Yep, if you want the music you like to be available in purpetuity, home storage is the only solution.



Happens with all the services I am afraid.

So does that usually mean it’s curtains permanently for all those albums?
Or do they usually tend to come back?
I assume it’s probably because Tidal and the record label reached a deadlock in negotiations over the licensing fees…

Suspect you could still buy it somewhere?

What label is that?

Could be as simple as a glitch, but these things are common with all kinds of digital media - I have many early iTunes audio purchases that are no longer available in iTunes or to stream (I would have made copies and archived them though where!!!).

I’ve had iTunes video purchases that were later ‘revoked’ by the content providers (Disney), so downloaded purchases/physical copies are really the only safe option though they need to be DRM free and have hardware still suitable to play them - I have some music vids on betamax, not sure the old betamax video recorder in storage will still play them (i.e. it may not work) !

Sometimes it’s just they have a new master, sometimes it’s they have lost the rights to stream it, it’s not that the label has fallen out with them it’s often just the contract has expired or its been bought by a new owner so a new contract will be needed. It happens across all services. A few years back you could listen to an artist called Rodriguez on all of them, now not on any of them. It’s the way the cookie crumbles. It’s the same for films to it’s not a unique thing.

Yes, that’s the crazy thing with some iTunes purchases, wrong analogy perhaps but superficially it’s still in the store but maybe a remaster or item updated with a new product code/‘SKU’ such that the old code is no longer seen as being present. Very annoying.

Well, been out with the family all day
Went to the Baltic quarter of Liverpool to meet some old friends and had a great lunch with kids and live dj
Reminded me of going to Dingwalls in Camden Lock market in the early 80s to listen and dance to jazz on a Sunday

Anyway panic over the whole lot is no longer greyed out
Last night it applied to about ten percent of my favourites
I don’t know what it was but clearly not a general problem so perhaps a glitch in my system or software

When I have more time to spare I will get round to organizing a ripping and storage system and local up people playback

For the ext year or so I think I’ll just carry on exploring thru tidal and seee how it goes

All the best
So great to be listening now to The Blues by Oscar Peterson At JATP

Several times I hav seen a track or album in my favorites being grayed out - this is certainly frustrating but on most occasions of I try to relocate the album I can find it and play it without issues. No idea why this is the case

Actually looking more closely there still various tracks greyed out of John Zorn but only fraction of last nights number
But there are so many things to listen to this is perfectly fine with me.

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