Tidal software update

Occasionally when I open the Naim App to use my ND5 XS or Mu-So I get a message ‘suggesting’ I update software to accommodate recent changes to Tidal.

Which raises a question or three.
1 - Which software do I update, ND5XS, Mu-So, Naim App or one or the other or all three, it isn’t clear ?
2 - I do not use Tidal ( nor Spotify incidentally ) and have it disabled on both devices. Why does the App suggest I update to accommodate a service I have disabled; do not, and never will, use and is deliberately disabled to prevent malicious contamination from the ever-more-criminalised-and-vulnerable internet ?
3 - The last time I updated my ND5 XS (a couple of years or so ago) there were clear instructions on the Forum explaining the procedure and actions required. This time I can find no guidance so I don’t know what not to do that I’m not going to do anyway !

For those who wonder what planet I’m on, my system is LAN based with music NAS resident. I don’t need the unreliable internet to listen to my choices. It works fine (given a few NAS access workarounds) and doesn’t suffer the frequent millisecond-pauses that seems to infect online streams - particularly and irritatingly - the BBC’s Test Match Special.

It’s always best to be on the latest software, whether or not you use all the features. The app can be updated from the App Store but may already be set to update automatically.

Using the app you can find which firmware your ND and Qb are on. You can then check which is the latest by looking in the support section of the website and then do the update if needed.

That you experience dropouts suggests that you may benefit from making sure your network is strong. Both The ND5 and the Qb benefit from wired connections.

My LAN is completely Cat 5e and Cat 6 wired with 6 NAS, ND5 XS, Mu-So, 4 Cameras, 2 TVs, a Video streamer and 3 PCs connected through 3 switches. Router drop-out is common in Dorset but it doesn’t affect my viewing or listening.

I suspect it’s wanting to update the Mu-So software which updates through the app.

The ND5 you have to manual update from this page. The ND5 should be on 4.8

You are correct about MuSo. Now updated to version 2.0.0. ND5 XS streamer version is 4.7.00

4.8 is mostly about Tidal but there are some bug fixes etc. It’s been out since last year

For clarity I suspect you mean your broadband (a service) is a little unreliable rather than your router (a physical device).

Guinnless - You are also correct. My router is a 10++ years old Netgear DG6700 that has never missed a beat.

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Wrong - Router is DGND3700

Having eventually decided to update my ND5 XS to 4.8, and having found and downloaded the update guidance, and having read the guidance, I conclude I cannot perform the update.

You may be interested to know why.
1 -My mouse won’t click the guidance ‘here’ link to download the update - so I can’t get it !!!
2 - My ND5 XS has a mini USB update port for which the guidance requires, and provides a link for, a PC update driver. Downloading the driver and exploring its’ files and release notes reveals that it is dated 2014 and is for Windows XP thru 8. So I presume it is unsuitable for my W10 laptop.

So - I can’t action an update that I can’t get !

Has anyone any idea what I should do now?

I can open the appropriate guide document. Not sure where you are clicking? :thinking:
There are two guides, one for Windows and the other for a Mac.

The update 4.8 works fine on Windows 10.

The guide I’m using is for PC users.
The ‘here’ link is on the last line of the first page.

“The update 4.8 works fine on Windows 10.” It’s the update driver “CP210x_VCP_Windows” I question, not 4.8

The driver package is here


Is this what you looked at?



I think the reason it says it is suitable up to windows 8.1 is because the driver was released before windows 10 was a thing. It works with Windows 10 anyway. I don’t know about windows 11, but probably that too.

After the Microsoft unilateral and unannounced summer 2020 W10 update that prevented access to SMB1 LANs, nothing, absolutely nothing, that Microsoft does can be trusted to ‘probably work’ and anyone who proceeds on that basis will get what he/she deserves.
Salisbury needs to recognise this and wake-up and provide up-to-date guidance.

I might have discovered that the 4.8 update can be downloaded from the Naim support website, but it takes its’ time ! It seems to have the filename “Unconfirmed 107505.crdownload”. I will not use a file with that name to update my ND5 XS.

When Oh when is Salisbury going to get it’s ducks in a row !!!

So what did the rest of you actually do ?

It’s almost like you are in a parallel universe.

The update is here


I did do this update on my four legacy streamers. It’s fine, really.

They publicly deprecated SMB1 in 2014 and a quick search for “Win 10 SMB1” easily finds the documentation for re-enabling it on Win 10. I work closely with Microsoft and I’m far from protecting them from blame where deserved (which is often) but this is not one of these occasions. Outdated network protocols get deprecated and eventually disabled all the time, on any OS.

I didn’t do the update myself because I don’t have an old streamer, but I did help some members. As far as I recall, the rest of them followed the instructions to the letter. Some member first complained loudly and had to be told several times to read and follow the instruction to the letter - and lo and behold, it worked when they finally did :slight_smile:

It is under “software update” on the website and it downloads as NaimStreamerUpdater_4.8.0(14776.WE_EE_FE_EA)_Setup_Signed.exe
Took 5 seconds for me, it’s 38 MB. I suppose the filename you are seeing might indicate that the download is not yet finished or was unsuccessful.

I don’t know where you looked, but I cannot see a “here” were I looked :slight_smile:

It’s almost like you are in a parallel universe.
Wrong. Perpendicular apparently !!!

It is under “software update” on the website and it downloads as NaimStreamerUpdater_4.8.0(14776.WE_EE_FE_EA)_Setup_Signed.exe
Took 5 seconds for me, it’s 38 MB

That’s where I downloaded from but its named “Unconfirmed 996723.crdownload” and is 37050Kb in my downloads directory. I can’t find the .exe file. What is the filename in your downloads directory?

Thanks to you all for your inputs.

Perhaps I shall continue without 4.8