Tidal through Naim app issue again

As of last week can’t login to Tidal through the Naim app. Anyone else having this issue? Did the Tidal apk change again?

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No TIDAL issues that we know of. Obvious question, but have you (firstly) fully restarted the App? (A full phone/tablet power down/up recommended, not just closing the App.)

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It’s worth logging out of Tidal on the Naim App and the logging back in again.

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I had a ‘no connection’ message from Tidal this afternoon, solved by rebooting my Unitiserve.

I had logged out of app but hard restart of phone worked. Had something to do with the android update I think.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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The app, as well as the Tidal issue, was showing no results when I tried to play music from the US hard drive. Happens occasionally. A reboot cured that and fixed the Tidal issue as well.