Tidal trial version, naim app and Ipad

Good evening everyone,
I’ve just begun streaming to my Star and I seem to be unable to find the highest quality (96) albums on my IPad I cant even see the my music or the settings in Tidal in the Naim version. Is it a hobbled version ie not fully functioning that we get to use during the trial period ?
I appreciate it’s probably pilot error so go gentle please

Hi, the ‘My Music’ section of Tidal should be visible in the Naim app, and you can view, play, and save favourites there and they will sync with the Tidal app. If that’s not working for you, something isn’t quite right.
In the Tidal input, you should see a Tidal logo on the top R. Tap that and My Music should be in the drop down list.

Thanks for the reply, I realise I was unclear in my writing. What I meant to say was that I cannot locate any hi-res albums at all on the Tidal app, neither the stand alone or the one embedded in the Naim app.
If I read the info correctly Tidal has some high res albums for listening to but I can’t find them.
Just as a seperate point, my Naim / Tidal app looks very different than the stand alone Tidal app why is that ?
Thanks again for any info :+1:t2:

Currently you can only access the Masters versions through a desktop App or some Android devices, but not through the Naim App or the Tidal iOS App. There is help topic on the Tidal web site about this. If you are on iOS, it says that this is coming, then you will be able to stream using chromecast to your Star.

If you have a Mac, you can access Masters and Airplay to your Star as well from the Tidal Mac App.

Tidal make MQA files identifiable on platforms that support MQA. Neither the Tidal iOS app, nor any Naim streamers do, so they are not highlighted as there is nothing to gain (or lose) compared to the standard version.

Thanks folks,
I am using an iPad and IPhone so that’s really helpful info. It seems odd for them to initially focus on desktops these days but at least now I know it’s not me or how my Star is set up.

It’s covered here https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000251305-Listen-to-MQA-with-the-TIDAL-app

as I said I’m new to this so every day is a school day. Thanks all for the info and also the link

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