Tidal & Unitiqute 24/96

I’ve just purchased an original Mk1 24/96 Unitiqute for a 2nd system, obviously as is it cannot stream Tidal or Quboz I can use a Cromecast Audio or a quality Bluetooth receiver like an ifi Zen Blu as returning it to Naim for an upgrade isn’t possible but I seem to recall a work around using Bubble upnp and Kazoo that could achieve better results do any forum members remember the exact details?

I have a mk 1 UQ too. I just run bubble UPnP app on my Android phone.

You can configure it with your Tidal account details after selecting Tidal as a source

Then in the playing screen your UQ should appear as a renderer. Just select it, and what you play should come out of speakers attached to your UQ1 :slight_smile:

I found a wired connection was much more stable than wireless. Though initially wireless was pretty good.

I also now run a bubbleUPnP server on my Mac mini, which presents the UQ as an OpenHome renderer, experimenting with that to see if it improves stability or SQ. Inconclusive so far, I’m just enjoying playing around and finding new music.

I will definitely get my UQ updated. The screen is on its way out, and I think native Tidal support would be worth it, plus it must be 10 years old and likely new caps would be worth it too. No rush on that whilst it is more than usable, and I actually suspect it sounds better than my Nait 3 - hard to directly compare given the speakers they’re attached to and their different listening rooms.

Where are you at with setting it up?

Edit: here’s a useful link I used to get my head round some of it: How to stream TIDAL to the Raspberry Pi

Most people seem to install the server, to create the OpenHome renderer, but you can just use the phone app and it’ll talk to your UQ direct.

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One advantage of the Chromecast over others like Bluetooth and upnp is that the playing is handed over. Mainly an advantage when using your phone. Battery doesn’t drain and range isn’t an issue (connection doesn’t drop when leaving the room for a sec). Less relevant when using a PC I guess.

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Thanks a lot for the info @gthack it’s very helpful. This is my first Mk1 but I’ve owned 2 UQ2’s before so had native Tidal on both this time though I’m looking for a relatively cheap set up to take over to Spain.

I’ve owned a fair bit of Naim equipment and the Qute is one of my favourites with the correct speakers it’s so good I’ll end up connecting a phono stage, USB drive and both my TV and Apple TV add to that iRadio, DAB and Tidal over upnp and it’s a real little powerhouse.

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Yep, I’m very happy with mine, not sure how you beat it for the money!

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