Tidal via Chromecast vs Tidal integrated in the Naim app?

Hello guys,

I always used Tidal via the Naim app (Atom Uniti) and recently discovered I could stream music directly from the Tidal app on my iPhone by using Chromecast (I open the Tidal app, select the music I want and select the chromecast output).

Is there a difference in the sound quality? I noticed I could switch off my phone and Tidal would keep playing on the Naim. So I suppose, the Naim is directly connected and therefore plays the best possible quality?

Thanks for the help!


I asked this the other day on a different thread. Both Apps control playback direct from the internet connection into the Atom, so source and SQ is the same. I think the Tidal App has a better UI?

I just tested this to refresh my memory and when you play from the Tidal app on Android using the Uniti Atom as the Chromecast destination, it does not support gapless playback. My go-to album to test this, Misplaced Childhood, sounds fine when played through Tidal from the Naim app but not from the Tidal app directly.

What does “gapless playback” means?

No gap between tracks.

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