Tidal won't stream to Muso via Naim App

I have a first gen Muso and I typical use Tidal via the Naim app.

As of yesterday Tidal has stopped streaming. That is, from within the Naim app, I can select Tidal, select an album or playlist etc. Tidal shows the selection and tracks that are being loaded but nothing flows to the Muso.

The standalone Tidal app functions as expected on my Android phone.

Everything else in the Naim app appears to be functioning i.e. Spotify, Bluetooth, iRadio, presets etc.

So just Tidal.

Has anyone else experienced this ? Or anyone who can suggest a fix ?

Is this following the recent updates to App and Mu-So firmware?

Have you logged out then back into Tidal?

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Yes and yes.

Switched off and on with the router and switch?

Well that brought down the house of cards.

Powered down my router, then it wouldn’t talk to my WiFi mesh. Restarted my mesh, but it wouldn’t come good. Had to do a factory reset of the mesh devices which in turn triggered a software update.

So eventually got everything back to where I thought I was.

Bottom line, all is good, Tidal is working again.

Thank you Richard


Glad to hear all came good in the end.

This has also been reported here:

In my case a reboot doesn’t cure the problem - which is intermittent. I’m waiting for it to recur before trying a factory reset on the Mu-so.

Sorry to read you are having ongoing problems. Hope the Naim folks get you sorted soon.

Thanks, once again, fir your help.

Good luck !!

Hi Richard. We have seem some outlier issues where products are affected by multiple users of TIDAL on the same system - is this the case in your household?

The good news is that @tomvamos and the App team are on the case, and that a workaround (choose iRadio then back to TIDAL) should the issue occur is available in the meantime.

Hi Claire, I did have a notification that the app was in use by other devices, when it wasn’t. This hasn’t recurred though.

The workaround didn’t work for me this morning though it has in the past.

However a reset of the Mu-so did work. I’ve also deleted the Tidal app from my iPhone.

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Just a note that a small update to the Naim App is now released (should be in Apple App Store today) Naim App – update for Apple iOS device users

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