Hi all,

It appears that when streaming Tidal via the Naim app it now stops after one song. I’ve had a quick search and found similar issues; the main fix being to log out of Tidal and log back in. Unfortunately this hasn’t worked, neither has an app reset or a deep standby reset on my Atom.

Internet radio and network performance is fine, as is the Android and Windows desktop version of Tidal.

Driving me nuts! Any assistance welcome…

Hi Djj what hardware do you have there?

Atom, Galaxy S9, Naim Android app. Running Tidal Hifi over wireless network. No issues until tonight!

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I would email Naim…Tidal have often made changes at their end that Naim were unaware of affecting users.

I’m no IT expert but the old turn it off turn it on again works when I occasionally get that!

Reboot the Naim App.

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