Tighten or loose din connection

Do you tighten your din connectors or keep them loose?

Power ones are nipped up. Signal are left loose.


The other way around I think you meant?


I hope he did…!

Anything carrying power - such as SNAIC’s or Burndy’s, should be firmly secured. Otherwise significant damage can happen… :astonished:

Those carrying only signals can be left ‘slack’, if the owner wishes… :expressionless:

Ahem yes!


I do leave my 52 SNAIC loose :astonished:

This powers the digital section of the 52, much like a NAPSC on an 82 or 102.

The rule was always to tighten the locking collars on the leads that carry power. For the signal leads it was said that a small improvement could be had if the collars were left loose or even removed completely. Personally I couldn’t discern any difference at all so I just tightened everything.


I’ve heard this advice before but it begs the Q…if signal cables should be left loose and even partially withdrawn, why do Naim still use DIN plugs with collars?

Presumably because they are the best sounding - even with the collars? The Hiline is collarless :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would guess that’s it. Presumably they listened to a whole bunch of DIN plugs / sockets and decided that these were the most musical with their equipment.


This does appear to be their modus operandi. When they had to move from leaded solder they tested loads of different types before settling on the best sounding one. :slightly_smiling_face:



But the signal is also just electricity in the end. So all should be tightened. If it is better not to have the ring, why will naim waste money on it?

… Then why are the locking rings not included with HiLine & SL IC’s.
The security of the ring is only needed on the power carrying SNAIC’s as loss of or intermittent off/on/off of power to the pre-amp section can cause damage.

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