Tim Brooke-Taylor!



Sad news. Loved The Goodies when I was young. RIP Tim.

Noooo! And to think he managed to survive Kitten Kong…


p.s. And just heard that Sir Stirling Moss has gone too…


Sad times, I read that the Coronavirus got him.
More to come I expect.

My favourite of the Goodies. RIP

A master comedian, ISIRTA, Goodies, ISIHAC, what a career. RIP Tim, thanks for the many laughs.


A brilliant comic actor, who delivered his lines perfectly, which is why I laughed so much.

Thank you, and RIP Tim.

Very sad news.
Obituary: Tim Brooke-Taylor, life of funnyman who co-wrote The Four Yorkshiremen

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Great memories, so sad R.I.P Tim.

And just heard that Sir Stirling Moss has gone too…

And the great Peter “The Cat” Bonetti (78)

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Dreadful news.

Kids have enjoyed some Goodies DVDs in recent years - hard to believe in this day and age that it was staple family viewing - so much has changed since I watched it as a kid. Still very funny but were a few definitely non-PC moments which were a little awkward.

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Only weeks since I last heard him on ‘Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’. Superb wit and talent. Much greater loss than many so called celebrities. Sad.


That’s very sad news. We’ll all have our favourite sketch no doubt. Feels quite personal :disappointed_relieved:

Think I’ll go and find my Goodies DVDs and watch them again. RIP, Tim.

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You really put your finger on it with ‘feels quite personal’. Not sure why, but somehow it does.

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Very sad news that Tim has gone to that big Mornington Crescent in the Sky. A truly great comedian and comedy actor and writer - and his performance of Wild Thing in the Goodies Almost Live was incredible.

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I loved the Goodies, RIP Tim.

Very sad. He was a witty and kind man. See you later Tim Brooke-Taylor.

one of the funest 2 hours on this planet was attending Sorry I have 't a clue live recording in Cheltenham few years back - Humph and the team

Loved Tim, I grew up with the Goodies, that DVD will be on today - very sad RIP Tim

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And now …’A Walk in the Black Forest…’

RIP - will be missed.