Time for a service? Nap250-2

NAP250 -2 …One of the two slow blow 3.15a fuses has blown at the AC inlet, which is fine, replacements on their way…in the meantime the question is why did it blow?

Do fuses themselves have a finite life and can fail like any other component or is it always symptomatic of something else going wrong?

Intend to refit and see how it goes but is it telling me it needs looking at?

Many thanks

Check to see that the IEC plug is properly and firmly connected. A poor contact here can blow the fuse. Are you using a Powerline? If so, see the FAQ here.

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This is normal the fuse will protect your equipment from power surge I had a few myself the amps and power supply have a high current draw and will blow. I just got spares from my dealer.

Simply Time - or Power Cycles.

Fuses don’t last forever, they suffer from mechanical fatigue like most things ( they, like most/all electrical items are mechanical).

They also fail because of excessive current! Unless you know the fuses history or are prepared to undertake a forensic exam, you’ll not know.

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How old is your 250? It might be time for a service in any case…

It’s best to leave the unit powered unless it’s holiday time, mine blew 3 time’s in 6 years always happened when the power button was pressed to on position.

Xpsdr owner here. I know what you mean!

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