Time for stupid question of the week!

I have been a music fan, and a keen buyer of hifi components over the last 40 years or so, but the reasoning behind, and the benefit of cable risers/supports beats me, can anyone enlighten me, after you’ve all stopped laughing and raising eye brows of course!

Minimising static electricity build up (when cable on carpets) and vibrations similar to naims philosophy (microphonics). If you remember how it sounds like using headphones touching the cable then you will realise how much microphonics get transfered via a cable on the floor with speakers right by it. Naim is also very much against burndy and their cables touching the floor for the same reason. If you as many here have popcorn in your ears then don’t bother.

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Aah! I see, simple as that, thanks!

I think I also read/heard a bit of extra displacement from wires, pipes, reinforcing, and the interaction of those with the speaker cables whilst carrying signal.

I hasten to add that I don’t know if that’s likely to be a thing, or not!

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This was a reasonable thread, IIRC. Though as the popcorn emoji a few posts back likely suggests, it’s a contentious subject 8)

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Warning! Don’t watch that video linked in gthacks post! Otherwise your YouTube feed will be flushed with the guy …


I was careful to only mention the thread, perhaps I should have predicated it with the warning too :wink:


It is dead simple: cable risers just look cool :sunglasses:

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Yes you should have added the warning. I watched the video, got my YouTube feed flushed, and wasted 20 minutes. It is just a video of a guy claiming that his cable risers make a difference (his friends came over and agreed!). Just a lot of pseudo engineering claims, no tests, no explanations.


Some people believe there is a benefit. Others swear they have heard a benefit. Others say they can’t hear a benefit. Others can’t be bothered to try. I guess that any benefit will depend on the susceptibility of particular equipment attached to the cables, the construction of the cables involved, the construction/composition of anything the cables might contact (including the risers/spacers), and the electromagnetic environment including fields around cables and objects.

Routing low level signal cables away from high level ones and away from AC power cables of course us quite a different matter from cable risers, and has clear basis in simple electromagnetics.

Any audible effect of cable risers, spacers, etc., would of course be quite easy to blind test given a willing assistant.


Thank you IB!

Count me in this camp!


@Hmack , @Innocent_Bystander - With you on this… :crazy_face:

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