Time Lag Between Muso-QB and ND5 XS

I had my Muso-QB, which is no my office desk upstairs, tuned to Radio 2 and downstairs my ND 5XS was also tuned to Radio 2.
As I went up and downstairs I noticed that the ND5 was just behind the QB in sound production.
Just out of interest what would cause this considering they are both being fed with the same Radio station over the same ISP and broadband connection. They are both on a wired network in my house via the same switch and router.
Thank you.

It can depend on how long it takes to connect, how long to fill the buffer, or the ping value. I have a Muso and a 272 and they never align when on the same station.

Multiroom overcomes the issue.

Thank you HouseholdNaim.
For the multiroom note. It is not an issue or a problem to me, I was just doing some chores and had the “radio” on in the back ground and I was just curious.
Thank you.

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In addition to how each might use a buffer, the different processing involved in the digital to analogue conversion of the two designs may cause time lag in one to be longer than the other.

I multi room between a gen Muso, an Atom and a 272 and I never had any issues. Mine are all hard wired.

I would think that the different systems, and possibly different LAN connections, may make a little time lag inevitable unless you use multiroom mode. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were small differences in your internet connection back to the BBC servers as well. They may even have more than one server running the service from different locations which users would, of course, be unaware of.
Also, are you sure you are connected to the same version in the app?

This happens for me too. Someone explained it once but I forget. Anyway, multiroom is the answer. We use FM on the main system and that’s quite a bit ahead of the HLS stream for some reason. It’s a bit weird moving from the sitting room to the kitchen when Radio 4 is playing on both.

It gives you the chance to live your life twice HH. You should embrace it!

Hope you are still enjoying Scotland. I have seen the odd photo on another thread that suggests that you are.


Useful for when joining in a quiz on the radio.
Full marks everytime.:grin:

Also useful when arriving home listening to something good on the radio. The buffer is long enough to casually walk from car to house and switch to the streamed version where it picks up almost from where it left off in the car. Also applies to coming downstairs to WFH in the mornings, from bedside DAB to the Muso. It’s very useful. It works going the other way too from house to car, avoiding unnecessary content for 30-odd seconds.

I once annoyed my M-i-L by getting every question right on a tv quiz, by listening discretely to an analogue tv in the next room whilst the family watched it on the then new Sky digital box, 2 - 3 seconds behind. :grin:

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