Time on display NDX2

Will it be possible to change the setting of time format?

Now it is 6:00 in the evening, whereas normally it is 18:00.

Is this possible to change?

The display on the ndx2 is strange thing.
You can’t configure the time as noted above.
The default is for a full screen of screen art, whereas I like the other screen, accessed via the remote that shows the track title, band and album title. Along with data rate.
The clock screen and dedicated remote button is something I never use. If I’m spending £5k on a timepiece, it’ll be made by Omega rather than Naim!

Go into settings and check you have the right time zone/country set correctly.

Don’t think the time display is configureable. Mine is set to UK as the region, and shows 5:17 as the time rather than 17:17.
Back to my Seamaster for the time.

What will be exactly the opposite of Amsterdam in time? Will that be New Sealand?

And if you select it, will that be OK for normal use of the NDX2 ?

If it is anything like the latest Uniti range, Naim, for some obscure reason has decided that time should only be displayed in the 12-hour format, well at least in the UK. A cynic might attribute this to keeping the backward-looking voters in our recent referendum on board :wink:

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Yes it’s odd and the fact you can’t leave it set to the clock display is another oversight, perhaps there’s a concern it would burn in on the screen, the display implementation generally is poor unfortunately.

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Agree about the display implementation is poor. My Lite can be configured to display the clock in 24hr format and default to that, which I find really useful and use as my kitchen/dining room clock, also supplies good sounds as a bonus.

I think there is a concern with screen burn-in, but IMHO it could be configurable to show it for a limited time after pressing the button. It does show the album art for extended time too, after all. There is no clock in Netflix, so when bed time is near it would be convenient to show the clock for a while.

And to the OP, it is always 12 hour format without option. I have German location set up. Having learned the clock in analog times, I can live with it :slight_smile:

That’s why my NDS is always off. When the NDX2 arrives I’ll be doing the same I think. Luckily, I have a clock above the system so no worries re time. I’ve just had to replace a screen on a UnitiLite because I left the screen on - I won’t be doing that again for sure!

I do have a watch, but it will be nice to check.

For now it is always off.

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