Time to service, how to know?

Maybe it all needs a bit of time run in and settle down?

My previous 300 was a 2005 build so probably near or past the point of needing a service. I was going to get it DR’d at the same time but was always put off by not having any music or AV while it was being done so I ended up buying a fairly recent (and immaculate) 300DR and selling my 300, with the cost difference to change being identical to a service & DR.

The 300DR is definitely a step (not earth shattering) but I do sometimes wonder what my old 300 would’ve sounded like after a service.

I know the new owner was surprised at how big a step it was over his 250DR! I did warn him but it also tells me that even after 14 years, it’s not a given that the boxes need servicing.

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Yes, my Hicap and power amp (110) were serviced about 5 years ago, so good for another 20 years at least. :wink:
I am still trying to decide whether to have the 72 done or not. For the first time in years I am in a position to do some upgrades; if I’m not going to keep it, I might just sell it as is.

A ‘Service’ is about maintaining the original performance, it will degrade slowly (unless a capacitor fails on the regulation part of a power amp) so may still be better that a lower spec amp.
The only downside of servicing is you are without music for the time it is away.

Yep, you won’t get the service cost back IME.

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