Time to upgrade or replace?

Hi. I first ventured into Naim in 1994 with a Nac 92 Nap 180 combo. My first upgrade was a Nac 102 in ‘97. My current speakers are B&W Nauitilus 804s bought in 2001 and since then my only upgrade was quite a huge one when I purchased 282/250 in 2005. I’ve had the 250 serviced twice. It all still sounds great but I’m wondering if I’m missing out on massive sound improvements that have taken place with regards to updated Naim equipment and speaker technology? Updating my Naim equipment would be massively expensive but I’m curious about speaker technology and how it would have progressed since I bought my 804s back in 2001? Are the 804s my weakest link? Just to add….I did finally plunge into the world of streaming last year with the ‘budget’ Naim streamer. I use the word ‘budget’ with a degree of sarcasm obviously! I had a Rega Planar 2 from about 1977 and just upgraded the cartridge several times. I now have an LP12 which sounds fine. As you can see, I’m not the type to be constantly upgrading because I think the stuff I buy seems to last so long. The only thing that has ever ‘broken’ in my system was the laser unit on my CDX. I replaced that with a second hand CDX2 which has now been sold to finance the streamer. Just really wondering if there’s many people out there still using the exact same set up for this amount of years?

Cheers for any thoughts or comments.

There’s plenty of alternatives to B&W but speakers are the hardest to match to match to ears and room. Coming from B&W, Vivid might be worth investigating if the looks don’t put you off.
The DR upgrade for the 250 isn’t currently available, but may be again if supply problems ease.
Which streamer precisely?
The pre amp ps isn’t insignificant.
An LP12 is well known for absorbing spare cash with the various upgrades but where the sweet spot is has no agreement. My old dealer was a diehard fan and was the local set up guy but after going for a Radikal on his own deck found less enjoyment in it and sold it and got a Well Tempered Versalex and a very expensive Dynavector instead.

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