Timing Out

I’ve had so many issues with the Naim Uniti Star since I got it, and have had to struggle to make it work for my very simple situation. Over the last month since I got the system I have tested out Roon, Audirvana, Tidal and Qobuz trials. I’m constantly getting the ‘No Rooms Found’ however the Naim is in the same actual room as my iMac, my office as my Google router/extender, literally 12 feet from the actual router. I’ve had to toggle between my preferred networks and have had some luck intermittently - but even though my internet connection to my computer seems to be going swimmingly - and I am the only person using it, it’s not recognizing it often. When I first started my Roon trial all went well for a few days and then there were problems. I cancelled my trial early to try Audirvana, and the same thing is happening - it sometimes does not recognize the network. It IS recognizing it right now though (however read on…):

I was playing Depeche Mode’s ‘Black Celebration’ - the Hi-Res version on Qoboz, and it was playing about 3 mins into the first track and suddenly nothing and a message on my phone. It says: times out trying to contact Leo server. What is that?

I’m afraid these are mutually exclusive…

Can you clarify how you are connecting and controlling everything?

“Room not found” is not referring to the actual, physical room. It means that the app did not find the streamer (which the app calls a “room”). A common cause is that the phone and the streamer are not in the same local network. This can happen even if they are in the same physical room. Your Google router/extender situation makes this a possibility.

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