Tinnitus....anyone else?

Interesting reading, thanks guys.

I also have tinnitus, but I don’t ‘suffer’ from it. I made the mistake of a late night visit to a night club back in 2004. I’ve never been anywhere where the music was played at such a volume.

I do turn the volume up a bit at home - when I can get away with it - (who wouldn’t), and I do go to sleep with Radio5live under my ear. Otherwise it doesn’t bother me.

If you need to demonstrate what you hear, there are apps out there that you can adjust to the frequency of what you affects you. I use ‘Frequency Generator’, which helps when people utter the phrase, ‘are you deaf or something?’

Thanks VV, sounds like it’s something that I need to book an appointment to have done. Deep down I am hoping the wax removal will help in some way to stop the tinnitus, or at the very least, reduce it.

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Tinnitus can sometimes be an allergic reaction as is the case for me. I take a prescribed antihistamine daily and it reduces the volume but doesn’t get rid of it completely. A listening session at moderate volume seems to temporarily cure it when it’s particularly bad and I sleep with Radio Paradise playing quietly so it doesn’t annoy at night.

Booze makes my tinnitus worse !!!

But I’m going to stop that !!!

That can’t be right, I thought it fixed everything. :thinking:

Ha ha

I can only give you a very, very serious advise not to try to dislodge anything in your ear by yourself!

I ruptured my ear some years ago when I was too meticulous in cleaning it.

It caused an infection with subsequent bleeding etc.

Consult a specialist and don’t take any chances.


Mine was brought on by an extremely bad case of Labyrinthitis
It’s an inner ear infection and can lead to deafness as well as tinnitus
A really nasty experience and I consider I got away lightly … with just the impairment I was left with


I have it constantly at low level in both ears, it gets worse if I listen to loud music at length, probably collateral damage from loud gigs and listening to headphones very loud when i was a teenager. I also suspect generally that it’s partially an age thing commensurate with the average age of forum members

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The RNID and Tinnitus Org are a good source of information.


Tinnitus can have more than one cause so any cures will not be relevant unless you have that cause. Noise induced Tinnitus such has mine causes the choclear hearing fibres to wither and break off this then useually results in Tinnitus. Regardless of Audioligists etc ther is ZERO understanding at any scientific level as it is generated by the brain itself. And 100% NON TREATABLE hearing aids that generate White Noise masking are useless and if not carefull with volume make it worse i have had and studied the condition since 1985. Quickly in short hand - it will read impureities in the blood stream Caffine will cause NOISE for 2 hrs so dont drink it all day. ANYTHING Bitter (is from Juniper berries) has Quinine in it Gin, Bitter lemon etc may take 2 months to resolve and may cause Permanent damage. Impure sound will have no tolerance versus pure sound as can loud TV as it is in the 2 to4khz damaged zone listening to music which is Bass orientated can reprogram things quieter so can running water. DO NOT expose your self to uneded volume as the condition is not set and the volume can multiply several times and be permanent you will not be told this by your specialists! Van Gough is believed to have cut his ear off in desperation of Tinnitus.


Good luck with that! :laughing: :laughing:

If he springs for a 5 series I’d be going back for a 500 series - up the dose!


I have an NHS hearing aid which helps a lot with my tinnitus in my left ear and slight hearing loss in my left ear. It also aids enjoyment of music considerably.

The NHS(Charing Cross hospital) also removes ear wax by micro suction for free.Unfortunately audiology services have not resumed since lockdown.

Sister xx

A hearing aid will increase the volume of the active freq relative to the other freq useually this is what you try to avoid. If you listen to loud TV you will get plenty of the missing freq this will not reduce your tinnitus-rather the opposite.

I think that what you say is at least uncertain and even possibly wrong. In any case it’s different for different people.



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For Noise induced hearing loss where? is it wrong David.

Who said anything about noise-induced heating loss? There are all sorts of different reasons for tinnitus as described by different people in this thread. To say that a hearing aid will make the tinnitus worse is simply not something anyone could know and is irresponsible advice.


My sister in law had to stop wearing hearing aids as they made her feel dizzy all the time. Has anyone experienced the same problem.

Micro suction, I had it done and was appalled at what came out and then amazed at what I could hear, one of the best £65 I’ve ever spent! Its also a lot safer than traditional syringing.

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Many years of shotgun shooting with no hearing protection has meant I’ve suffered with constant tinnitus in both ears for the last 30+ years. High frequency whine in left ear, slightly lower frequency in right. I’ve had many hearing tests, ear examinations and seen a few specialists (NHS) but the answer is always the same…

Not specifically to try to cure the tinnitus but at different times in the past:
I have given up alcohol for 6+ months, eaten a very plain diet for a couple of months and gave up caffeine for a month and none made the slightest difference to the tinnitus.

The biggest problem for me, especially when listening to music, is that some high frequency sounds can actually cause discomfort. A lady once described it as “her screaming friend”…I know what she means.