Tinnitus....anyone else?

If it hasn’t been evaluated should probably see ear nose throat ,ENT specialist and have a hearing test.

I’m in :roll_eyes: and also a few glasses of moorish red wine doesn’t do it any favours either, a fact I have resigned myself to. Isn’t it just lovely getting older, but hey the alternative isn’t great! ATB Peter

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I have had tinnitus now for many years. Mine is more of a ringing sound which is always there, but thankfully it’s in the background most of the time. It seems to come on more with tiredness or lack of sleep.

More recently I’ve noticed that a change of speakers has aggravated my tinnitus. I had real issues with the SL2s earlier this year, as I found the tweeter to be very bright and forward. The Marten Duke 2 are much more of an easier listen, although the ceramic tweeter is not as smooth as the soft dome tweeter with my old ATCs.

I don’t listen to music very loud so I’m sure that I’m not damaging my hearing at the levels I listen to. Even so, I want to make sure that my tinnitus is not made worse by playing music.

I’m going for a hearing test as soon as I can get an appointment to get checked out. I’ve heard of some hearing aids feature settings for listening to music and can filter out tinnitus, so that could be an option.

There was/is a thread in padded cell on similar topic, some good advice in there too but unfortunately there’s not much of a hope for a cure…

I’ve suffered with it most of my adult life, caught a bad cold and inner ear infection while travelling in Australia in '97, flew back and during the descents the change in pressure felt like someone stabbing me with a needle in the side of my head, thought my ears were going to explode!

Also exposure to gunfire in the cadets and playing with industrial gas turbines at work for years has resulted in high frequency hearing loss and my tinnitus being a constant screaming companion.

It does come and go, depends on how distracted I am. Strangely it used to sound worse while doing my offshore commute in a chopper with double hearing protection! Go figure…

Caused by David Bowie. Interestingly, exacerbated by dairy.

That is Interesting!

Might try dropping dairy to see what happens

As you can guess …Im in

Tangerine Dream did it for me - I have it in both ears, more in the left one but thankfully does not affect my musical enjoyment!

In the same boat here. Just have to ignore it and get on with things. One of the reasons I have looked to change speakers as the ones I have seen to agrevat it more as they tend to be bright as well as stimulate the bass modes of my room.

Thanks for all responses.

I have visited the ENT specialist 2 years ago and done all sorts of hearing tests when I thought my hearing had deteriorated. Reports came out and they found nothing. Perhaps I just need to live with it as others have pointed out it’s normal. I was told earlier that there is no cure to eliminate this constant high pitch or frequency buzzing or ringing in the ears. I guess I’ll just need to prevent more damage by listening at low to moderate levels, and less rock music (I don’t listen to a lot of rock music these days anyway).

I had it but now is nearly gone. I think (in my situation at least) that is mainly a metabolism driven condition, took years to develop and also needs much time and calculated effort to make it go.
I stayed away for years from refined carbohydrates, vegetable oils, processed foods in general and it helped a lot. Other factors may have a role as well such as stress management and sleep quality.

Sildenafil (Viagra) records this as a possible side-effect.

Just saying.


Thanks for the information. Looks like there’s hope - stress management and sleep quality.


Ahh… :rofl:

Did you explain it was for music and hifi? Most tests ENT run are only up to 4Khz. I always test perfect despite having tinnitus in the 7Khz range. Like you, it’s sympathetic. Anything at the same range just sets it off worse.

Snorkeling trip did it for me, out of no where, my one ear popped days later, been living with it since 1997. I use a sound machine called the DOHM at night. You can dial it in to drown out the ringing. Peaceful sleep. Mine gets tuned out during listening sessions. Luckily!


Have you found any differences when listening to your Dukes compared to your Harbeths? I can imagine the Dukes sound brighter which may be spiking your tinnitus?

@Richard.Dane perhaps this could be merged with the extensive thread on tinnitus in padded cell?

Yes, good idea.

Yes I did. I have gone through the tone test and some other tests and there’s no detected loss of hearing. At that time I did not have a constant high frequency buzzing sound in one of my ears. It’s more of a feeling that one ear is blocked and the volume of hearing is slightly lower than the other ear.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons but I can’t be sure. The Dukes are a little bit brighter than the Harbeth and the tone of the piano is more illuminating. The brightness in the high frequencies with the Dukes have been resolved and I suspect it may be that I’m listening at higher volumes than normal that triggered the tinnitus. There can be few factors and I’m not exactly sure which one has contributed to the constant ringing/buzzing sound. I hope the constant ringing sound will go away in time but I understand it’s unlikely to cease if it’s a permanent damage.