Tinnitus...system issue?

Hi I have noticed my tinnitus getting worse recently…like a 11k wistle…like the old tvs used to make…now my office has a speaker next to me and I noticed that when not playing anything…and not in mute…my speakers made a slight white noise from tweeter…if you put your ear to it… a slight hiss. I thought this quite acceptable… but then I noticed a correlation between tinnitus and leaving the hiss…ie not in mute. So I put a spectrum analyser app on my phone…and went around the room…when I got close to tweeter at 20khz there was a definite constant spike… about 10dB above background…now considering that a mobile phones mike is probably not that efficient at 20khz…that spike could be considerably higher… question is … is this spike an indicator of an issue with the system…

That is some cause for concern.
Try wondering around for some considerable time noticing subtle differences in air pressures and levels of solar wave detritus. Thus determining what’s what, then usually most of the time you would be better off finding a way of creating your own energy fields.
Being in the habit of creating more stronger positive energy emanations has led to less tinnitus.
That noise is really the sound of your soul pushing out against the great noise of the other.
Bigger your bubble. The less your noise.

Tinnitus is caused by hearing loss, not by energy emanations unless they are large enough to cause actual damage (eg a rock concert). Might be worth getting your hearing checked.



Tinnitus is not always caused by hearing loss, you could have tinnitus and still have good hearing, a horrible condition.


My hearing is pretty good…but I have had a bad sinus infection…which appears to have increased my tinnitus…I just thought it strange my tweeters were pushing out hi frequency energy…when just sat at low volume no signal…

Had tinnitus for 30 years, yet my hearing is very good. It stays at the same volume and is pretty loud, went to a Who concert a few years back and could still hear the tinnitus. Had my hearing tested and was given a demo by the audioligist of a small device that fits in your ears to try and fade the ringing out. I was then informed of the price so I told the guy I would just stick the the tinnitus. I just get on with it. The more I think about the ringing the worse it gets.


I think Richieroo is more concerned about his system than his tinnitus

I had big issues with a humming right ear pre COVID when I was travelling a lot using my Bose QC35s. Then Covid happened and I stopped using them and my tinnitus disappeared. I started to evaluate ANC a bit more and realise the ANC mode triggered my tinnitus. Sold them and my ears are great again.

Hi that’s really interesting… I am convinced ultra hi frequency sets off my tinnitus…when much younger… tv’s used horrible vac tubes…I can remember I could not bare to go into Curry’s as all I could hear was the whistling of the TV tubes…at very hi frequency … nobody else seemed to notice…it drove me crackers… A few years back I had the same issue with a computer psu…that whistled…an expensive 850watt Seasonic…that had to go…I also find that led lights also piss me off a bit…the world is a noise place!!!

So you speak for him then?


I had two bad cases of labyrinthitis …a really debilitating illness at its worst …my hearing because severely affected by tinitus and has never recovered
It could be worse! bad cases of labyrinthitis can leave you deaf

My brother had that…he could not even stand up…and felt sick all the time … horrendous

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