Tips on buying ndx2

Good morning,
I found an NDX2 from December 2018 at 2800€, do you think it’s a good offer considering its age?
Thanks for your help

On the face of it that would seem ok, so long as it’s in good condition and well looked after.

searched long time for a second hand or demo NDX2 (EU market, not UK) and found that merely all offers below 3500 € were fake. Pics of other offers copied and attracting possible clients by the low price. So check the offer in detail before buying.

Never seen one in my area below 3500 EUR. Lots of scammers so be careful. Try to search the internet second hand market for same pictures. They often steal pictures and re use them. At this price I would count on it being scam.

2800€ is suspiciously cheap, i am quite sure it is a scam. I have been looking for a ndx2 for ages and you won t find one below 3500€

I sold mine for £3,750, a few months ago. Remember that prices are likely to fall as people move to New Classics. If the price is low and you have doubts, arrange to collect it in person. Any legitimate seller should be happy with this. I sold mine on eBay, but the buyer came to collect it from my house.

Spending at the price point of a secondhand NDX2, I think I’d want the security of working with a dealer and perhaps pay that little extra to have peace of mind, dealer back up and a warranty, and especially to avoid potential scams etc.

If buying privately and independently I think I’d want to be ‘in the room’ to inspect the item before money changed hands!

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It’s a lot of money and there’s a lot of scammers around these days alas.
Keep a track on prices and what they sell for on average to give you a guide.
If you choose to buy from an owner direct absolutely collect in person, ask to hear and see it working and ideally complete any transactions using a credit card for an extra layer of protection.
If the price is out of sorts compared to an average, or the description seems unusual (I bought it last week and changed my mind, in fact, I never even opened the box) be wary, even if they look like a good seller with a good selling record. If you look you’ll probably find they’ve sold 1000 packs of AA batteries for 50p to build up a seller record.

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thanks for your advices.

Your system is really well balanced, are you planing to upgrade the rest if moving up to the ndx2? The nd5xs2 is a very good unit.

Yes before I got my NDX2 i was seriously considering and nd5x2 with a secondhand DAC.
As you already have a streamer and you feel you need/want to upgrade - think about a naim DAC to which you can eventually add an XPSDR

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