Tired of boxes, sell my 252/300?

And by an Rega Osiris perhaps?
(Already have a Rega Planar 10, and if their amps are as good as the P10…)

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Only one way to find out …

If so we dont need a forum

I’ve had the same thought, and have the same amps, but considered the ultimate one box solution of Devialet Expert 250 Pro. You can then get rid of any phono amp, DAC or streamer. It’s even designed to hang on the wall so takes up virtually no floorspace.
However, why stop there, when you could get the Devialet GOLD PHANTOM OPÉRA DE PARIS active speakers and a bluetooth phono amp for your P10.

It will be a very dramatic decrease in sound vs 252/300.
As for Osiris, it sounds fine but slower and less involved vs 252/300.
Why not a Vitus RI A30? You will have 1 box and probably even uplift in some areas. And no loss on dynamics.

Which begs the question, why you would come to the Naim forum seeking recommendations to move from a great Naim pre/power amp to a one box Rega system?

I have nothing against Rega, owned one of their TTs for yonks, but I would never recommend moving from a 252/300 to a one box Rega amp.

If you want to reduce your box count then fine. Just be prepared to be underwhelmed by the SQ on offer in comparison to a 252/300.


Reduce boxes…

CH Precision M1.1
CH Precision C1

A two boxes system, that could replace your 252/300 :wink:

Sounds like you are ready to upgrade to a Nait 2


No question there are one box integrated amps that would be awesome. Dan Dagastino Progression Integrated, Solution 5 series, Constellation Audio

I’m sitting and listening to my SN2/NDX2 setup (with PS’s) thinking its all very nice. The SN2 is a world class integrated amp.

According to the 272 thread, that’s close to a 252…

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…and the price of those compared to a Rega Osiris?

I think it’s like “ if you have to ask” :joy:


You are serious Thomas? The C1 / M1 costs 100k, 12 times the price of Rega Osiris.

I was just kidding :joy:

Btw, I like that combo. And even thought giving it a listen…
CH Precision factory/head quarters is about 10 minutes by bike from my place.

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It’s really not.


I thought as much, but they are a very passionate group.


Mike , the 272 is between the 202 and 282, both with hicap if 272 is on 555dr.
The SN2 is somewhat a 112/ 200 performance.
The 252 is a big step vs 272.


Vitus SIA 30, with phono board. 20k. A masterpiece.


Yes, very good. It wasn’t my speculation. Don’t know about the 112, not familiar with it. I would have thought a NDX2 with a SN2 would give a 272 a run for its money, source first and all that.

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Havent heard the Osiris, was hoping someone had.
If the Osiris is less involving the 252/300 then it is not for me.
The P10 is not lacking the ability to involve.
If the Rega amps has another signature than their sources, its to bad.
Anyway - I have Naim because I like it. But my turntable is now a Planar 10 (after A-B listening beetween my old LP12, with ARO, Armageddon, and what no - and an old Rega P9 - and the P9 was the most involving, and to my ears - a better turntable. The Planar 10 i shockingly good.
I thought - perhaps the top of the line Rega-amps was as good.

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