Titan 606 or pmc twenty5 26

I would like to hear your thoughts on the titan 606 vs pmc twenty5 26.

Quite a price difference isn’t it ?

yes titan 9000 pounds what do they sound like.?

I would also try the 505s.

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No dealer in Ireland at the moment…

Or the other way to balance the cost difference would be the higher range PMCs - Diminutive Fact 12 or even the SE series…

I am on the hunt for new speakers and currently have Focal Kanta 2’s at home on demo. Later this week my dealer is going to swap them out for the twenty5 6’s - having done the demo at my dealers I wanted to try them both at home.

I have to say I do find it difficult choosing speakers as my experience is not better / worse per se more just different presentations.

I am enjoying the Kanta’s although not 100% sure the are for me although I find it difficult to describe why not…

I come form PMC Fact 8’s and the Twenty5 6’s are a step forward and there is something very beguiling about the PMC sound.

My dealer doesn’t stock the 606’s and at 9k it’s not a speaker I want to peruse ( heard the 505’s at Signals show and was not wowed)

I have read lots of reviews / threads but ultimately the support of a good dealer and a home demo is essential


When I mention the idea of Titans to my dealer he tries to push me in the direction of ATC, particularly the SCM40. Even the 505s are about twice the price, and the 606 are more again, apparently the cost of the drivers developed originally for the mighty 808s being a big part of the reason for the high price.

I tried all the usual suspects in the £5-9000 range and went for the pmc twenty5 26, no regrets.

I confess to being a Kudos fan - from T808, to the stunning new T505

I have heard the t606 they are a superb speaker and for the size deliver a great all around sound, one other plus is the ease of driving - they are not cheap a 9k
as @LindsayM also mentioned the T505 which are my choice they are truley outstanding

I have not yet heard the PMC but will before my final choice

OK let me know how you get on with pmc.

Coming from Fact 8’s I narrowed my choice down to the Kanta 2 and PMC twenty5.6. I had the Kanta’s at home last week and my dealer bought the PMC’s round last night - decisions decisions…

My room is 5.5m square (ish) and the Kanta’s produce a big sound that I really enjoyed. Will give the PMC’s some time this weekend to decide.


That’s interesting. I have just (yesterday) changed my 20/24’s for Fact 8’s after having demo on Fact 8 and Kudos Titan 606 at home. I also tried ATC SMC 40 in the retailers listening room but didnt think they were in same class as the others. Have also listened to 25/26’s in past but these were a little too much for my listening room. I also changed the Snaic from CDS3 to 282 for a HiLine and would appreciate comments on how long this will take to run in fully? Thanks

Snaic to high line is a good upgrade, I don’t recall burn it time per se as it was a no brainer upgrade from the get go.

Fact 8’s were really good just lacked a little in the bass area and a tiny bit forward in their presentation in my 5.5sq M room. I found both kanta and twenty5.6 to be an upgrade but that’s my room and my system - just need to chose which way to go!


Why just those two makes?

My Hiline didn’t take ages to burn in. It pretty much stabilised within a month with the biggest variations in the first week.

Recommendations from my local dealer, been a customer for years and trust his judgement.

I did listen to the 505’s from kudos at the signals show and was not wowed, might have been the Linn amps but they just didn’t do it for me.

Trying loads of speakers is high effort hence why I narrowed it down - listened to Fact 8’s at my dealers and felt both Kanta and Twenty5.6 were a step up and worth trying at home.


It is high effort, but if at present you feel the alternatives you are considering are only “a step up” rather than doing something that really moves or excites you, I’d keep auditioning.

I wanted more scale and depth than my SL2s but couldn’t find anything that brought more than they lost until after many years of meandering I discovered Shahinian and found out that almost everything written about them was penned by people who can read but not listen. I’m glad I didn’t chnage for the sake of it in the interim.

Worth listening at a dealer then at home to the ones you like but at this size and weight it’s a full body work out as well!

I too heard the 505’s on the end of those Linn (active IIRC) amps at the Signal’s show and also failed to be wowed. I also heard the 505s on the end of the modest Nova (modest in comparison to active Linn) at the Bristol show last year and was simply amazed. I would point out that both these show demos were set up and delivered by the Kudos chaps.

I believe Derek (the designer of the Titan range and Kudos MD) used Naim power amps to develop and tune the Titan range, so that might explain it. Or it could be I just don’t ‘get’ the Linn sound signature having had a constant feed of Naim dBs my entire audio-owning history (with the exception of an LP12 as a source many yers ago).