Titan 606 or pmc twenty5 26

I think the fact 8’s have some lovely moments but in my room (a lot of windows so quite reflective) I found them a tad forward / bright / trebbley. As a result of this I wanted a change.

The PMC twenty5 work better in my room that the fact 8’s and have a fuller sound with more base.

The kanta 2’s however offer a different presentation that I prefer and seem to work better in my room over what the PMC’s offer (if Fact 8’s or twenty5.6”s we’re the only speakers available you wouldn’t be disappointed it’s just I prefer the kanta’s

I’ll be back in touch with Tony at Basically Sound who I’m sure will be delighted to lug the Kanta’s back! Now I need to work out if I can get the massive empty Kanta boxes in the loft…


The 505’s are within budget but pretty sure floor standing speakers are the way to go in my room (5.5m x 5.3m) so never really considered stand mounts…

My favourite room at the Signals show was the Naim demos with the Kanta 2, just enjoyed the musicality. As for the Kudos 505 it’s probably the best I have heard Linn amps,but no wow and no temptation to listen again. Like you perhaps I don,t get the Linn sound always seems to lack the passion and emotion of a performance. Though I could quite see people enjoying simple acoustic arrangements with Linn.

Hi Gazza, yes agreed re Linn amps and the Kanta’s at Signals, also heard the Kanta’s at Naim event at Basically Sound and loved them ergo the home demo.

They are ex demo which saves a few quid albeit I would have preferred warm taupe and wood but can live with the grey and wood.


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