Titan 606

To my ears I find a slight top end sharpness with certain female vocals on my Spendor D7s. Looking to the upgrade future if funds allow would the 606 be a good choice?. If it ever comes next Year 272 V2 but that’s a very well worn topic. So currently 272/555ps and 300dr. Looking forward to a world where we can listen to some dealer demos again

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Yes, obviously depends on your room so demo essential but they are pretty room friendly.



I love my 606’s :heart:


I upgraded from D7s to T606s last year a very significant upgrade with my system and in my room but as always a home demo is a must.


Most interesting pcd you have a very fine system. I appreciate the Spendor d7.2 would be an uplift but is it worth it. Of course the 606 is hugely expensive but I think it has a good synergy with Naim kit from what I read


I have heard 606s on one occasion and they sounded at a level similar to my SL2s. Need to be checked in your room of course and I don’t know your current speakers at all - but should work well

Hi Tim, what’s happened to your thread? :thinking: Peter

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I think someone must have mentioned illegal burndies.

On the double plus good side my wife seems to be on board with the scheme though it involves moving the fraim to the right of the right speaker - so wil need a long Ethernet cable and possibly power cable from the spur socket behind where the fraim is now. Will explain in the proper thread if it comes back …


Pitty it got delited, but if against the rules, so…just boring that someone didn`t respect it.

Looking forward to your new thread and if the 808 stayes. Also interested in an update of the Sl2. It stayed in my home for over 12 years now and was a preloved model. Always exposing quite clearely all updates I made in my set over the past years.

I also had a 552/300 before and it was fantastic, but first when the 500 came in and the DR was made, it became even more obvious what a great speaker the Sl2 is. Maybe I am lucky with my room.

Still, development moves on and I am very curious what a titan model would add to the presentation. You mentioned the 606 was just a slightly uplift compared to the SL2? That is interesting and surprising to hear since I would expect the isobarik principle to be much more present in the lower octaves.

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It’s actually back after some censorship :+1:t3:

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Thanks for the comments - what I said about the 606 should perhaps be taken cautiously, and I am very sorry if it have unwittingly misled anyone.

I know at least one person who used to have SL2s who has replaced with 606s and is very happy.

The only time I heard the 606s was the only time I heard the 707s - at the kudos active roadshow event at acoustica in September 2018 - so not heard at home. So the order of listening would be my SL2s here at home active 2x300dr - then 606s with a single 300 at acoustica, where I also heard the 606s with 2x300 (I liked the improvement from going active) and the 707s the same. I then heard the SL2s at home active 300x2. So any comparison I make of the 606s with my own speakers is probably clouded by the 707s that I listened to afterwards. It’s a while ago now as well. I think the difference maybe wasn’t as pronounced as I would consider swapping for - but the 707s had an obvious improvement in bass which would make them easier to notice the difference on than the 606s compared to the SL2s.

Also it’s my ears etc so you might notice more of a difference.

I believe the D7.2 addresses that issue

Thank you For a long reply, Tim. You didn ‘t misslead me. I was just very curious, since we have almost the same set. We always try to get some hints through others, but no question a home demo will be needed.

Your thread opened again So looking forwar to follow :slight_smile:

Good luck

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I am very pleased with the system and being retired it gets a lot of use and I find it hard to believe how good streaming can be with such a choice and ease of use.

The T606s have fitted in rather well and I am very much enjoying the upgrade don’t get me wrong I also liked the D7s but a major health scare last year prompted me to upgrade as a bit of treat to myself.

The Spendors are an excellent speaker indeed and to make a worthwhile improvement requires a speaker at the level of the T606.

Hopefully might be able to treat myself again next year ??


Hope all is well with you now, pcd.

I gel

Nigel, thanks for asking did have a CEA blood test and a abdominal scan a couple of months ago all clear so hopefully will be around long enough to save up for a 552?



Looks great in black!

How close to the wall do you have your 606s?

At the moment they are about 5”. They could come out a bit more, say another 3”, but they are very heavy to move on my own. Also, I didn’t really want them to stick out beyond the whit unit.


You’re right about the weight, and with spikes they are difficult to move to a final position. I managed to move mine around accurately by using a pair of “Air Wedges”. They only cost a few pounds a pair and have also been really useful for heavy household item moves such as washing machine, wardrobe etc.

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