Titan 707 - loose plinth

Last time I moved my speakers I noticed the base was a little loose.
I know there are 4 screws under the plinth. I suppose I need an allen tool or something. But what size are they? Speakers are mounted on their spikes so it is not easy to look. But an allen tool would do the job.

Ask a question on the Kudos website and you’ll get a quick answer.
Save any guessing and blind damage.
Derek gets back quick. :+1:t2:

If you have a set of Metric Allen keys, I am sure one of the common sizes will fit… :thinking:

Yes, that is a good idea. Thanks.

Then post on here what size they are… :slightly_smiling_face:

I just asked Kudos now.
I will let you know.

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Its a 4 mm allen key. Should be easy to do it without lifting the speakers. Will try this later.

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I am sure one of the common sizes will fit… :expressionless:

Yes. The 4 mm size!


Derek said: This cqn happen over a period of time with changes in humidity and temperature causing things to settle.
You will need a 4 mm allen key to tighten the 4 bolts.
Maybe other Titan owners should check their bolts too?

As part of changing my system around, I checked the base plates on my T606s and they all needed tightening up a tad.

Easy enough to do and indeed all the bolts checked. The rear panel bolts were all fine, but the driver bolts were all tightened up a tad too.


But were the driver bolts actually a bit loose? Maybe it’s wise to check what the torque setting should be, before starting to adjust things? Is it only Naim speakers where the torque setting is so important?


Good point, I just nipped them up. I’ll check with Kudos and post the results.



Contacted Kudos regarding torque settings and they advised the following;

Thank you for your enquiry.

Because the drive unit fixings are small 4mm thread and are set in a compressible medium we do not recommend large torque settings as this can lead to damage. We take the old fashioned tried and tested method and recommend a light nip-plus a 1 quarter turn. This will avoid any compression affects and related driver basket stress points.

The larger 6mm threaded bolts (plinth etc) are more robust and as such we recommend the same process but with a nip-plus 1 half turn.

I hope this is helpful.


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Ah, great, do they provide the conversion from nip to N m? :wink:

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Here you are.


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Lubricated or unlubricated?

Did you hear any difference after?


Yes, huge difference and improvement. However, I did do a number of changes at the same time.


You guys do realize a Nip is the same as Snug? Just snug them all the same. Of course if one is Ham Handed maybe you’d need your Dealer to nip on over to Snug up your Nuts.