Titan audio nemesis mains cable anyone?

Hi all

Have chance to pick up a titan audio nemesis mains cable at considerable discount i.e. 35% of normal price as is pre-loved

Seen quite a few people posting that they have been impressed with titan power cables and seriously tempted to take a punt on it

Anyone any experience with the nemesis at all

(Would either use it with my chord dave or innuos zenith mk3 I.e. source first approach)


took a punt on the nemesis power cable and glad that i did for the heavily discounted price

sound wise when adding it to my zenith mk3 (replacing another MCRU no752 cable which already made a nice difference over previous naim powerline lite) exposed a bit more micro detail and has a more open musical soundstage feel to it. Overall pleased with it as been a worthwhile addition to my front end

maybe one for other titan power cable users to keep an eye out for as likely more pre-loved ones hitting the market as titan are replacing their range currently (inc. nemesis) with new shielding and the force field module adaptor thing.

35% off for used doesn’t sound like a “heavy discount.” Glad you’re enjoying it!

i meant i paid 35% of its value

so was 65% off its price :smile:

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is more a source version they also do a specific high current version as well called nemesis signature (this is also being replaced as per my previous thread)

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