Titan mains blocks and leads

@Ian2001 posted today about mains blocks and leads from Titan Audio, and, having visited their website, they do seem to be rather well received.

I’m pondering changing my MusicWorks Reflex Lite block in favour of their G3 Ultra, but wonder if anyone here is using Titan products and what your impressions are?


i bought recently the Titan Eros powerblock. I made a very nice improvement over my system. Was using a very good for its price powerblock with included power cable before ( around 400 euros).
The Eros, with a good additional power cable, lifted easily the sound : better clarity, dynamics, soundstage.

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I have no knowledge of the Titan blocks, so all I’ll say is that before buying my G3 I tried the Reflex Lite. The G3 was hugely better, in fact the Lite was rather underwhelming. The peek base for the G3 takes it up another level.

Do you know if the Eros will take a Powerline as its mains feed?

It looks to have a standard IEC input.

Hi Nigel,

I still plan to arrange a home trial of the Musicworks with the Acouplex baseplate, but am aiming to have a listen to the Titan too, if I can set things up.

yes, no problem for that.

i could have had 15 days trial and return if not satisfied. 2 days after i decided to keep it. A bit bright the first 10 hours…,no more after run in.

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i was interested first by the musicworks. But no shuko plugs, only uk. Then i discovered the eros.

Thank you both. I’ll be interested to hear Dave’s experiences also, should he go for one. We have the Megablock. Not actually dissatisfied with it but curious.

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