To 52 or not to 52?

This is now looking exactly like what I’ll end up doing. The 52 will be a nice system for the day to day, but put the 500 Series in a room that can do it justice. I would not have come to that conclusion without the input on here, so thanks all for your contributions.
The basement also has room for some decent-sized speakers, this was always a constraint in the main living space… could be a fun journey!

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That sounds like an amazing way to go. You get your best system in a zone where you can utilise your 500 system and have the 2nd system in the main living space. You will get the best of both worlds. A classic 52 135 system will be amazing in itself. Sounds like you’ve got your plan sorted out. Are you going Full Fraim on both systems?

I have posted elsewhere on this forum on the subject of a NAC52/ Supercap powering my 2off NAP135’s and 4off NAP250’s via a SNAXO 3/6 against the Linn Akurate DS/3 Katalyst streamer bypassing the NAC52/ Supercap.

I have been listening to the latter for at least the last 6 months and the NAC52/ Supercap have lain dormant gathering dust on their respective shelves.

The LP12 (c/w Urika 2) is also similarly underused.

The time must be approaching when things will get sold to fund a 10 channel Exactbox.




I just fired up today the 82/hi cap/135s, fronted by the dual PS’d ND555, and it sounds fantastic after almost 10 years inactivity. The sound was instantly familiar, and it has so much commonality with the 500 level amps.
Ok, the front end is hardly cheap, but there is some bargain stuff to be had out there if this is anything to go by. Match this to a rega p10 and you’d have a phenomenal system for relatively little outlay.
I am very excited now to get the 52.

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Ah, I had wondered what had happened to the Italian ‘minters’.

Hope you can get the preamp you want.

I will not be using DPD this time! - shoddy service.

Debating whether to go full fraim or lite for the olive stuff. I like the simplicity of lite, and (shock horror) the stuff is actually sitting on the floor and sounding great as is (go figure)… questioning whether it really warrants full fat fraim or not.

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52 is always on my wishlist

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You could go full Fraim base, then Fraimlite shelves for the 135s and Supercap. Then full Fraim for the source and preamp 52 which are more sensitive with their signal paths. I have a mix of olive, CB and black. I have two full fraim bases and then an additional 8 shelves. 2 are Fraim lite for the 555PS and Supercap 2, but on Fraim glass, cups and balls.

I’m pretty much 95% full Fraim with what I have done. It does make a difference and just putting the glass, cups and balls on a fraimlite lifts things.

Bloody expensive though !

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Indeed… this 2nd system is starting to become quite a project financially! I just stuck in the, until now redundant, NDS hooked up to two x PS… I did not realise what I had been missing, the extra PS really tightens things up. At this point weighing up Fraim vs additional PS… with what I am hearing, and with the NDS simply perched on top of the preamp, think I’d go with the latter!


As an aside Chris, the crossovers for the “ Italian minters “ finally turned up (they had been packaged separately), so somewhere there is a pair of mint SBLs floating around, either in the back of a van or a depot, or in the wrong hands - if the latter some satisfaction that those hands will be scratching their heads about where they plug in the speaker cables :grimacing:

Well the 52 arrived and it sounds brilliant! Swopped out the 82/hi-cap,
which is no slouch but sounds a little uncouth in comparison. The 52 brings so much resolution and that beautiful bass, and the boogie factor… this piece of kit must be the bargain of the century :slight_smile:
The pairing with 135s is just sublime!
Also seems to work well with the NDS. Very happy :blush:


Oh, and the SBLs finally found their way back to the sender (yes, after 2 months MIA they were delivered back to the person who sent them… go figure!) so they will hopefully be on their way over to me soon… been a good week so far :grinning:


That sounds fantastic @Robbo. The 52 135s combo was top of the line and with the NDS will sound sublime.

How does it compare to the main 500 system?

Which system are you enjoying more?

Well done !

I guess I am in the honeymoon period with the 52, but honestly I find the old olive kit more fun than the black. Less control, less refinement, but more boogie factor.
The proof I guess is that all the kit is in one room right now, and yet it is the 82/135s that have been hooked up over the last month, with no strong desire to plug in the 500 kit. But that WAS on the end of the ND555 :slight_smile:


By the way, I am the person who prefers his lowly rega P9 to the dual PSd ND555…so I am not your typical punter :slight_smile:

P9 is just a posh P25 anyway.
Those who enjoy a 52/135 are always faced with a problem. What the hell do you upgrade to? It can only be 552/500 and silly money. Much else will leave you wanting the 52/135 combo back.
Stick with it and enjoy. And know what great vfm you have got there. And get them serviced too.


Is that a dog sniffing out the single olive box, a chair or a rug? :thinking:

Is it a problem?
But those with 2 x 135 can upgrade to an active 4 pack :grinning: :+1:


It is indeed a (scruffy excuse of a) dog. She likes to sit at my feet whilst I listen, although without fail Janet Jackson’s Anytime Anyplace drives her into a whining barking frenzy every time. I know she divides opinion, but I for one like her stuff, especially the Velvet Rope.

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