To isolate or not is the question?

Hi after years of spiking speakers…or using blue tak (to underside of cabinet) I tried some original audioquest sorbothane isolation puks under my S12 speakers…and wow it worked…more stereo depth…and a little more information in the mid band…and the bass appears even more tuneful. Interestingly my SS6 stands now seem to have less vibration…in them…it appears the speakers are more isolated. (Sorry for pre edits darn mobile phone…doh)

Since your experience with speaker isolation is positive, you have already answered your question. Just go with what sounds best in your system since there is no right or wrong. Some find isolation to sound better, some find it to sound worse while some refuse to try it as they look ugly.

FWIW I did not try isolation between speakers and stands but have isolation between the base of the stands and floor. In my system, it’s an improvement. Isoacoustics Gaia below the stands of my Marten Duke 2 and Graham LS5/9. I have foam footers between the stands and speaker which I believe is coupling and not isolation.

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