To Mullet or Not to Mullet

Update your records meaning you have VERY good knowledge of who owns which pieces of equipment. Like an encyclopaedia! Dunc’s Tron seems like it has a new home :wink:

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It was not complicated. Dunc has related his new vinyl experience in 2 interesting threads that I followed. He went from Rega P10/ Aphelion to SME 20/2 ( which I owned too before) with Dynavector cart and Tron phono , then his recent deck ( Thales with Exquisite cart). The Tron was not a good match with the new Exquisite cart.
Anyway, I would dream to own the Tron Seven GT.

Funnily enough that is how I have felt about the EAR912 for a couple of decades. Love to do the comparison.

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Back home and so as well as working my way through albums I have had a bit of a play.

There is no hum until I turn on the Armageddon.

I ran the Tron into my earth loom, in addition to the earth cable, hum slightly reduced in volume and tone. Turned off the Tron earthing, hum returned.


So is there a solution to raise totally the hum?

Not sure. I am going to play with cable routing next.

Been listening to a LOT of vinyl :wink: .

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